What Makes A Good Leader?

Source: http://www.timeslive.co.za/
Source: http://www.timeslive.co.za/

The importance of quality leadership is essential for productive progress.

‘’Whether they are autocratic or diplomatic…the value of a good leader cannot be undermined.’’

Throughout history there have been very powerful and highly respected people who made a significant impact in different parts of the world in terms of leadership. These individuals played critical roles to ensure change was implemented in their corners of the world and had a strong influence on their fellow countrymen and that of those of other parts of the world.

From Vladimir Ilyich Lenin to Adolf Hitler; Joseph Stalin to Thabo Mbeki, leadership has adorned different shapes, sizes and ideologies.

In a world where the success of any leader is measured against one’s ability to be a good catalyst whose actions would benefit their respective followers,there have been a handful of leaders who have not stepped up to the plate in this regard,leaving followers disgruntled and dissatisfied.  Whether they are autocratic or diplomatic; pragmatic or democratic, the value of a good leader cannot be undermined.

The recent removal of the SRC President at University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg over comments he made about his undying admiration of Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler has been met with mixed reactions from students across the country. With some students expressing admiration and bravado, others felt the comments had put the institution under a negative light.

What then, makes a good leader? Integrity, humility, charisma are some of the elements that come to mind, and I am quite certain that these are some elements which were considered when Mncebo Dlamaini, former Wits University SRC President, exuded when he was unanimously elected to represent the students at the university. Calls for his re-instatement prove this assertion beyond doubt. The VC’s decision to have him removed from his position over comments he made about Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, that does come as a surprise to many students, and has seen the students voice out their concerns, calling for the President’s re-instatement.  This clearly illustrates the profound influence that is associated with estimable

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