The annual Student Representative Council (SRC) election campaigns have reached fever pitch on the day before the annual SRC elections at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. All political organisations at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University have been campaigning tirelessly to entice students to vote for them in these upcoming elections – even bringing in prominent Members of Parliament.

‘’Everywhere the EFF goes the people are shaken.’’

Speaking at South Campus Kraal, the Economic Freedom Fighters Commander-In-Chief scathingly criticised the African National Congress (ANC) and ANC- aligned student organisation, SASCO.  This was part of the EFF election tour the party has embarked since arriving at the Metro on Tuesday, two days before elections.

At the pinnacle of his address, Malema gave a lambasting history about the ANC and ANC-aligned SASCO, calling SASCO members ‘mini-Zumas.’ He warned students that if they vote for SASCO, they would be voting for ‘’mini Zumas’’ and equally doused DA-aligned DASO, saying, ‘’Ladies in blue, you are very much aware that there is an EFF in you, just allow it to come out.’’ Malema emphasised that the EFF and its Student Command were a force to be reckoned with, claiming ‘’everywhere the EFF goes the people are shaken’’ and that the EFF ‘’kill with superior logic’’. Malema closed his address by saying that, prior to voting, students should think of

Also present at event was the EFF spokesperson, Mbuyiseli ‘’The People’s Bae’’ Ndlozi and former Generations actor Fana Mokwena, and other prominent Members of Parliament of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

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