EFFSC Launch at Missionvale Campus

Source: http://www.suidlanders.co.za/
Source: http://www.suidlanders.co.za/

The Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command has embarked on a mission to try and remedy the challenges faced by students at NMMU’s Missionvale Campus.

‘’It’s been 10 years since the NMMU merger, but nothing has changed at Vista Campus”

The Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command has spread its tentacles to NMMU’s Missionvale campus with the launch of its branch on Tuesday, May 12, 2015.

At a gathering held at the campus, Regional Secretary of the EFFSC Mzwandile Vela, asserted with confidence that the EFF aimed at unseating the Democratic Alliance Student Organisation when they head to the annual elections, contesting against SASCO, DASO and PASMA in September this year.

The EFFSC also revealed its aspirations to infiltrate and take over North and 2nd Avenue Campuses in Summerstrand, which are currently under the SRC leadership of the Democratic Alliance Student Association (DASO). At the core of the address, the EFFSC expressed its hopes of recruiting at least 1500 students across all campuses by September this year.

When coming to power, the EFFSC aims to create an environment that is conducive to learning at Missionvale campus, citing that the location of the campus does not enhance the productivity of the students, as compared to its counterparts in Summerstrand. At the epicentre of his address, Mr Vela emphasised that students should be able to find employment post graduating from university.

Mr Vela also expressed his concern that after a decade since the merging of former University of Port Elizabeth (South campus),PE Technikon(North) and Vista(Missionvale) in 2005,there has been little change in terms of transformation at the Missionvale campus. The EFFSC has taken it upon itself to bring about the change it wants to see in the campus. The address was drawn to a close by Mr Vela stating that they envisage a student national assembly which will represent the organisation at national level.

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