EFF Lecture

11163767_1427560077560824_4323434507549951390_nEconomic Freedom Fighters Commander-In-Chief Julius Malema arrives in Port Elizabeth to address students at NMMU’s North Campus on April 30 2015.

‘’They subdue you to nonsensical theology’’.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s Goldfields auditorium at the University’s North Campus was filled to capacity on Thursday, April 30th, as students gathered for Economic Freedom Fighters Commander-in-Chief Julius Sello Malema’s address at the university held between 17:30 and 21:00.

The EFF leader’s address touched on an array of issues, ranging from transport system at the university, fees and the recent xenophobic attacks which erupted in Kwa Zulu Natal and later mushroomed at several other locations around the country.

In his address, Malema began by giving a brief but detailed history on South Africa’s road to emancipation and the ANC’s fight against oppression. The EFF leader told a cheering and enthusiastic crowd that the struggle against colonialism was never about voting rights, but about the land which was forcefully taken away from their forefathers. The latter, along with the nationalisation of mines and banks, have been at the epicentre and pillars of the EFF’s economic policy since its inception in August 2013.

Malema was scathingly critical of the university system, stating ‘’They subdue you to nonsensical theology’’, pointing out that students are always prepared in order for them to be interviewed and that they are never prepared on how to conduct interviews themselves. He also emphasised that there will never be genuine reconciliation in South Africa without justice, and pointed out that there will be an unled revolution for economic emancipation.

During his address, Malema emphasised on the importance ownership amongst black people. ‘’Ownership is at the centre of the liberation of the mind and no one can be liberated if they do not own,’’ said Malema.

Malema drew his address to a close by stating that political emancipation in Africa began in the North, when Ghana gained independence in 1957 but economic freedom would begin in the South, with South Africa at its forefront.

Source: http://www.citypress.co.za/
Source: http://www.citypress.co.za/

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