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Image Courtesy of The Herald LiveSource: http://www.heraldlive.co.za/goodwill-shines-poll/
Image Courtesy of The Herald Live – http://www.heraldlive.co.za/goodwill-shines-poll/


Whether one is conscious of it or not, NMMU has and always will be a political institution.  Student politics and organisations do to some extent play a role in institutional matters pertaining to students’ needs in the institution.

I was never interested in politics, student or otherwise, because I believe that politics in South Africa under democracy have lost their significance. I bet that all the slain political activists who dedicated their lives to the struggle against oppression are turning in their graves in despair at the current political state in our country.

Upon arrival at NMMU, I was introduced to the Madibaz Radio Blog which covers anything and everything student related from campus news to fashion; entertainment to sports and, of course, politics.

I enquired about the blog and later joined as the politics reporter and I never disclosed to my editor that I had very little interest in politics. I took this as a new challenge and a learning curve. On my quest to learn as much as I possibly could, I started enquiring about political organisations. I learned that the university had five political organisations, namely the South African Student’s Congress (SASCO) affiliated with the ANC, its fierce rival DASO affiliated with the DA; the radical EFF Student Command (EFFSC) affiliated with the EFF and the silent PASMA, the Pan-Africanist Student Movement of Azania.

The EFFSC have been on a task of recruiting members at Missionvale and 2nd Avenue campuses in order to launch branches at these campuses. They have excelled in grabbing the students’ attention, and this has caught the attention of DASO and SASCO. Can the EFFSC take over Missionvale campus, which has been traditionally SASCO territory? The elections results proved that the EFFSC is a force to be reckoned with.

At the momentum the former is performing at, the EFFSC has added a dynamic to contesting the SRC elections by obtaining a seat in the 2016 SRC. One can say that the CIC Julius Malema’s visit to the university has assisted in EFFSC.

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