Gqom vs Trap

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth- Madibaz Radio, in collaboration with First Friday held their first Gqom vs Trap (GvT) event for the year at Dockside Harbour. 

Dockside was the place to be on Friday when our first GvT came into action. This event was made possible by the Madibaz Radio marketing team alongside the First Friday crew, which is an events team that consists of four of Port Elizabeth’s best DJ’s.

GvT is an event that gives two of the most popular genres in South Africa (Gqom and Trap) an opportunity to go head-to-head to see which one is best. The crowd appreciated both genres and were extremely exited about the DJ lineup. On the decks representing Trap we had: Muzero, Mleister and Mavava. On the other hand, our DJ’s representing Gqom were: Kumnandi, Justin Muzika, Kbellz and DJ Athie.

When we spoke to 5FM resident DJ, DJ Athie to ask how his experience at GvT was, he said, “For someone who has stayed in PE for a lot of years, I think the crowd is responding quite well ’cause most people know me here”.  When we asked what his big break was he said it was the 5FM residency and most people would tune in to listen to his mixes and that is how his collaboration with OKMalumKoolkat on their hit single ‘Isamqhe’ came about. He then told us in depth that another popular DJ named DJ Sandiso would normally listen to his mixes and told him he wants him [Athie] to do a remix of that song, but when he sent him a different version of the same song they decided to actually use that one instead, with OKMalumKoolkat on the vocals.

Another one of the Gqom DJ’s was Kbellz, who is also a resident DJ for Madibaz Radio. We asked him what inspired him to become a DJ and he said: “There are two DJ’s who go by the name of Black Coffee and DJ Shimza, they’ve played a huge role in my life just by me watching them. I’d see how the crowd would go crazy for them and the joy that their set brought to people and that is exactly what I wanted”. He said if he was not a DJ, he would most probably be more focused on school since he is pursuing a career in Logistics. To listen to Kbellz’s mixes, tune in to The Diba Drive with Max the DJ every Friday at 17:30 on Madibaz Radio.

When we asked Mleister, who was one of our Trap DJ’s what the most exciting thing about being a DJ is he said, “When you see people are enjoying your set every time you play, that just makes you feed off their energy and [that] is an unbelievable feeling”. He also said DJ Fresh was his biggest influence and that made him want him to become a Hip-Hop DJ. Mleister is also a qualified Sound Technician and has worked for the Grahamstown National Arts festival and has also made a few radio ads.

Over all, GvT was a very successful and had people talking about it throughout social media. Luckily, this isn’t the only GvT for the year. The next one is coming later on in the year with a few surprises… YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

Beating University Blues

By: Andisile Klaas

‘Umgowo’ is a word derived from “going” and is a term coined by isiXhosa speaking millennials to describe a situation that may seem too much to bear.

Stress comes in many forms for students from academics, financial constraints and even emotional battles. Students suffer from way more than they would like to admit and with the mid-year exams coming up, its about to get even harder. Here are a few simple tips to help beat the “Umgowo” blues:

Planning is key!

Planning ranges from researching ways to use your time effectively, creating a timetable around tests and exam dates, writing down important things and creating goals, to name a few. Planning is also organizing your notes and other studying materials, so they can be easily accessible to avoid more stress when trying to study. The internet is filled with printable templates from calendars, planners and diagrams to write concepts and definitions or charts (see The Organised Student).

Some of the issues faced by students run deeper than just the inefficient use of time and lack of planning, it is sometimes being emotionally unwell. An unhealthy emotional state of a student can hinder the studying process in a huge way, but the university offers counselling services free of charge to all students. The Student Counselling, Career & Development Center (SCCDC) is a team of professionals made up of counselling psychologists and counsellors who offer free services to students across all campuses. Besides aiding students academically, they also cover personal issues and career development.  For further information, visit their website here

It’s been said that teamwork makes the dream work and there is nothing like sharing responsibilities to make things less overwhelming, that can be achieved by forming a study group or joining a society. Societies are groups made up of individuals with shared interests, behaviour and goals and the Nelson Mandela University has several of them ranging from academic, political, religious and even social. If that seems like a lot of work and the thought of strangers scare you, one can start a study group with your current classmates and share responsibilities to make the studying process much easier whilst saving time.

Self-care, over the past few years, has been recognised as one of the most important things one can do for themselves and there’s also a misconception that self-care is only going to the day spa to get pampered, which is simply not true. Self-care rituals vary from individual to individual as it is the number of things one does to make themselves happy and keep themselves protected from stress and negativity. Some of these rituals include listening to music, spending time with yourself, meditating, jogging etc. as the saying goes: “a healthy body leads to a healthy mind”.

Beating varsity blues is not a one-size fits all situation, one must look for ways that speaks to them individually and that can be personalized according to their preferences and time schedule using the above tips as guide.

Vuka Sizwe Youth Choir Talent Show

By: Ntombifuthi Blose

Port Elizabeth- Vuka Sizwe Youth Choir held a talent concert at the North campus Auditorium at Nelson Mandela University yesterday Friday 18 May at 18:00 pm.

The talent show opened up with the choir doing a beautiful ensemble ‘Kwela, Kwela’ made famous by the award winning South African afro pop act Mafikizolo. The theme of the stage production was the 1950’s glam wardrobe. The musical was centered around the lives of black South Africans living in the townships during the time.

The entrance fee was R20 per person since Vuka Sizwe was raising funds to participate in a competition in Cape town.

Vuka Sizwe is an organisation ran by a youth choir which is passionate about music and performing arts. 

The stage production took our emotions from sadness to joy  with the awesome fashion of the 50’s heydays. With a captivating stage presence, the choir delivered well-presented acting skills in the production.

The closing was another highlight of the evening, as the choir sang a Xhosa traditional song, dressed in traditional Xhosa attire while doing ‘ukuxhensa’ which is a Xhosa dance, the crowd cheered and applauded showing that they were truly enjoying themselves.  

Overall it was refreshing to see Vuka Sizwe Choir talent show. The drive the youth choir has is bound to get noticed outside Port Elizabeth.

NMU future economists visit Coega IDZ

By: Esethu Matetu

Economics is the social science that examines how individuals, businesses and entire societies manage scarce resources. Resources are, by nature, limited. The Nelson Mandela University Economics students took a field trip to Coega IDZ on Wednesday. The trip was indeed a success, students were very excited and seeing a promising future in the career path they are in.

What made the trip more exciting and successful is the fact that it was organised by a 3rd year Economics student Asanda Koyo, who worked along with Thembinkosi Maduna from Coega IDZ. Mr Maduma was the tour guide and took his time to explain more about the field.

The field trip was eye-opening to the students since they learned more about what they are studying and that there is more to economics than they know. ‘I learnt that there is a greater side of economics, or rather more practical side of it. How everything starts from scratch – it’s like building a house, setting up a good foundation…with all the work you learn in University being a guideline. Then the execution part – putting pieces of a puzzle together, bringing about employment structures in order to uplift economic standing’, said Sibongokuhle Klass, 3rd year Diploma in Economics student.

When the students got there they met Mr Samuel who is an Economist who graduated from the University of Johannesburg in Financial Economics, and was a lecture before coming to Coega IDZ. Mr Samuel explained to them what they do in their department, he said that they focus more in market research and attract investors and advise them. He further prepared the students about the challenges they will meet once they are economists and unfortunately was not with them throughout the rest of the tour.

As Mr Maduna was showing them around, he mentioned that they have about 14 zones at Coega but only managed to take the students to 5 of them.

Economics is very important to society and this excursion made the students look forward to their future. “This trip exceeded my expectations. Initially, I had such limited knowledge regarding the world of economics and its applications outside the classroom, but today I got a brief glimpse into its broader usage in real life’’, said economic student, Thanduxolo Piliso.

Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Visits NMU

By: Ntombifuthi Blose

Port Elizabeth- Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, President Stephan Weil and his delegation had a visit to the Nelson Mandela University on Thursday.

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony came for a 3 day visit to the Eastern Cape, from the 8th to the 10th of May. NMU had a delegation from Lower Saxon University, a state in Germany. The delegation was here to find NMU’s connection to their state.

Among the attendees from the university was Professor Cheryl Foxtrot, executive dean: Teaching and Learning, who was chairing the meeting. Including international office staff members, 3 students that will be part of the exchange program will go abroad to Germany. Kabelo Mapokgwane, one of the students going over to Germany, will be going during the second semester. Mapokgwane will work with a former student team in the University of Stad and is hoping to bring the knowledge he will gain there back to the NMU team. He also mentioned that they got a new team, as they have been trying to build an electric car since 2011.

Seeing that the university is behind the curve that’s majority due to lack of funding, they are trying to revive and build the team again by building the car first; so they could attract sponsors in the next two years.

Thanks to different pronged alliances: The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, the University of Braunschweig and Wolfenbuettel in Germany; Students in NMU’s engineering departments are adequate to cross the high-tech world of the car industry.

Sisonke Msimang joins Nelson Mandela University’s Africa month

By: Sidima Mfeku

Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela University students, lecturers and other Africa month participants discuss Sisonke Msimang’s book ‘Always another country’.

As part of the Africa month celebrated by the Nelson Mandela University every year in May, various people gathered on Thursday, 17 May at the institution’s south campus’ Student Governing Department to discuss such as: blackness, Africanism, politics, gender, writing and other social issues Africans face after the democracy of the struggle veteran, Nelson Mandela. The book ‘Always Another Country’ which speaks about Msimang’s exile experiences as a child, was used as a reference to the conversations and to reflect on some challenges Africans come across daily.

Amongst other people in the gathering were influential and black conscious feminist students Nobubele Phuza, Nangamso Nxumalo and the Economic Freedom Fighters’ powerful candidate Awethu Fatyela as well as master’s candidate Pedro Mzileni. The conversations were deep-rooted in the development and innovation of the society into a satisfactory environment for all those who live in it. Specifically looking at the structures of tertiary institutions, some were arguing that they are designed to barely accommodate persons or candidates from Katanga and Motherwell township. Participants raised concerns on the founding perspectives of institutions saying they should be restructured to affirm the easy accessibility of tertiary education for all, saying they should not embody any authoritarian characteristics.

Furthermore, the conversations saw the initiation of the ‘Put on Your Mandela’ concept; some saying this concept is misinterpreted and wrongly understood and leaves people desperate to hang their hopes and dreams on the name as opposed to allowing the Mandela name and era to speak to the inner African creative figure, and motivate them so that people should embody the principles of Nelson Mandela. Female conscious participants like Awethu, Nobubele and Nangamso reflected on the femininity perspective of the concept, asking questions of the embodiment of the Mandela figure as a black women in a patriarchal society. Questions of black femininity gave rise to an insight brought forward by Pedro Mzileni saying: “somehow the Nelson Mandela figure has been used to wipe out some local heroes and the works they had done, constricting the space of embodiment for the black community” He says that people like Sam Nzima have not been celebrated much that anyone would want to embody his principles and living values, as well as Nontsikelelo Albertina Sisulu and other black female struggle stalwarts who would impact the lives of black women in South Africa.

Sisonke Msimang’s ‘Always Another Country’ was published in October last year and is available at every book store.

Africa month celebrations are in activity for the entire month of May from 8:00 am till late, and dialogues featuring the different countries will be broadcasted live on Madibaz Radio weekdays from 15:00 pm to 15:20 pm.

King Dube Birthday Celebration

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth – Friday, 4 May marked Mc Arthur’s Pool the place everyone envied to be. 

Socialite King Dube brought his three-day birthday celebration to Port Elizabeth last week, where he had South Africa’s favourite celebrities entertain his humongous crowd.

The event was held at the Mc Arthur’s Pool area next to Cubana in Humewood. Madibaz Radio was given the opportunity to be part of this marvelous event and to also mingle and get to know the celebrities.

Among these superstars was the ever so beautiful Khanyi Mbau, who is a singer, actress and  TV presenter. She was the MC of the event and also the one person everyone was looking forward to seeing. The crowd went absolutely wild when she walked on stage and her energy portrayed what a lovely time she was having. When asked if she still gets nervous every time she stands in front of a crowd she answered: “The fact that I have to stand in front of a lot of people just kills me, but the fact that all these people came here to see me makes me cope; that’s the only thing that makes me feel [like] I need to do this. People left their own homes to come be with me tonight, so that’s the biggest motivation I have”. She also mentioned to us that she will be producing her first film called ‘The Red Room’ and will be coming out at Ster Kenikor soon, which is something we can all look forward to.

We also spoke to Dj Tira also known as ‘Malume Bearings’. He explained that the experience had been great and they were all well taken care of. He also said that Port Elizabeth is one of his favourite places to come to because the people are so friendly and the ‘vibe’ is always amazing. The advice he’d give to young people who would like to become like him is to:”find yourself, be who you are. We are all different characters so find yourself and present yourself to the world as you are, and people will love you’.

The event was  filled will lots of energy from the get-go. Many other amazing celebrities entertained the crowd to their full capacity. There were the likes of Ms Cosmo, Dj Cindo, Lvovo Derango, Danger and many others from the Afrotainment team (Dj Tira’s Record Label).

Words of gratitude and absolute joy filled the man of the moment when we asked how he felt. He thanked everybody for spending his birthday with him and explained that PE is the best place to be and has shown him love the past three events he had pulled off. He also mentioned that the reason he hosted his party here was because “PE people know how to party”. When we asked if he will bring his birthday tour this side again next year he said:”Trust me, it’s gonna come back again next year! Next time it will be bigger and better, we will have international artists and everything exciting coming, so be ready!”

The birthday tour then went on to Durban and Cape Town for the remainder of the weekend.

This celebration was definitely the talk of the town, with very funny and exciting stories from everybody who attended. For those who did not make it, but wish they did; have no fear because next year will be BIGGER AND BETTER!