Secret ballot on ‘vote of no confidence’

Parliament is set to debate a proposed motion of no confidence on president Jacob Zuma. The debate, which encompasses a secret ballot will commence next week. The United Democratic Movement (UDM) approached the Constitutional Court to force a secret ballot, this they argue, is to allow the respective Members of Parliament to vote consciously without the pressure of being ostracized.

South Africa has been embroiled in a political turmoil that has resulted in the country’s foreign and local currency ratings being downgraded to ‘junk status’ following Jacob Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle. Pravin Gordhan and his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas were among the Ministers that were subject to the reshuffle.

Speaker of the National Assembly and member of ANC, Baleka Mbete, opposes the secret ballot, and is yet to explain her position by Tuesday afternoon to the Constitutional Court. Mbete appears as one of the few top ANC members who confidently stand with the president in the light of a looming revolt.

Former president Thabo Mbeki penned an exclusive article on The Star, imploring MP’s to vote in line with what the public wants. To put society first as oppose to advancing party interests. These words have been echoed all through the three weeks that have followed the reshuffle. Now South Africa waits in bated breath, hoping that the vote of the confidence produces desired results.

Nondumiso Tshabalala

Amarula Bay Fashion Sunday

The friendly city is abuzz with lifestyle and entertainment activities for vibrant personalities to indulge. Sundays, henceforth, will not be the same with the introduction of a fashion event which aims takes over the last Sunday of each month.

The Amarula Bay Fashion Sunday had its first installment on the 26th of March and is said to have been a major success, with an attendance of about 100 people. The show was launched by the team which executed Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week last year.

In a press release, the founder and Project Manager, Llewellyn Williams said that the event will alternate between Roof Garden Bar (33 Chapel) and an undisclosed location in the township.

Designers Mooi Mooi by Lauren Gravett, Kira Van Heerden, Thembani Selani, Phathiswa Madiki and Austin Lee wowed the crowd dressed to the theme: Dress to Impress with their vibrant tailor-made outfits at Roof Garden Bar in Chapel Street.

NMBFW organiser, Siphosethu Martins said that ‘the Show went according to our plan, we didn’t experience any glitches in terms of models, designers and production guys. Out of the few models we were interacting with, some of them say they have never worked with a team that is as united as we are, where everyone does their part.”

The full NMBFW team consisted of:

Llewellyn Williams – Founder, Project manager

Siphosethu Martins – Chief Financial

Njabulo Ntombela – Chief Operations

Nduduzo Mjaja – Chief Risk

Toronto Malawu – Head of Media and content curator

Kagiso Gqadu (Kiso Metsi) – Official NMBFW photographer and photography/art director

Sanelisiwe Mdashe – Demand creation manager

Lwethu Tenge – Head of model management and training

Lihle Mtya – Model Trainer

Yonella Nobaza – volunteer

Headline Sponsor: Amarula

Makeup artist and make up sponsor: Woolworths SA (Walmer Park)

Sponsor: Score Energy Drink

The next Amarula Bay Fashion Sunday is confirmed for 23 April 2017 from 2pm at Roof Garden Bar

Amarula Bay Fashion Sunday

Mcebisi Jonas resigns as ANC MP

Mcebisi Jonas EWN
Pictured: Mcebisi Jonas (Image: EWN)

Former Deputy Finance Minister, Mcebisi Jona, has resigned as an ANC Member. His resignation has been confirmed by the African National Congress’ acting spokesperson, Nonceba Mhlauli on Thursday. Mhlauli added that comrade Jonas had served both as Deputy Minister and as a MP with absolute distinction and dedication.

Jonas is the second minister affected by president Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle. Further, Jonas and former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, are seen as the core reason why civil society and senior members in the ANC have called for mass mobilization to force Zuma to resign.

Jonas has also served the movement and the South African people in various capacities over the years. Mhlauli was reported saying that “[they as the ANC] are confident that he will continue serving the country in the future.” 

SaveSA holds its National Protest today, in response to the untimely Cabinet reshuffle which has left many South Africans confused and uncertain about the future.

 Meanwhile parliament spokesperson, Moloto Mothabo has confirmed, on news24, that Tina Joemant-Pettersson has also resigned as an member of Parliament, but she will continue working as an ordinary ANC member.

Candice Pearce


Trump’s Muslim Ban

Republican U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump poses before the start of the 2016 U.S. Republican presidential candidates debate held by CNBC in Boulder
Donald Trump (Image: Google Images)

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has proposed a Muslim ban denying visas for Muslim-majority nations. These states have been christened as ‘countries of concern’.

However, ‘the order itself does not name the countries whose citizens are banned from entering the US. Instead, it refers to a statute which applies to seven Muslim states.’ The countries which are subject to the ban are Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Iraq. This is another of Trump’s highly controversial policy modifications. Upon his inauguration earlier this year, he had already been a questionable character in as far as his leadership is concerned.

The ban is otherwise classified as an Executive Order which is an official statement from the president ‘which tells government agencies how to use their resources.’ The order bars the mentioned countries from entering America for a period of 90 days. ‘It also suspends the US refugee system for a period of 120 days.’ What this means is that the country exempts itself from any refugee related responsibilities for a period of about four months.

The country had an intake of ‘12,486 Syrians in 2016.’ What this move emphasizes, is a rejection of certain nationals by virtue of religious orientation, and this notion stems from the fact of Trump giving preference to ‘Christian refugees from the Middle East over Muslim refugees.’  Strategically, this ban reduces the cap on the total number of refugees allowed to enter the US in 2017 from 110,000 to just 50,000.

A number of Muslim nationals are already residing in America with permanent visas. This essentially disregards such family dynamics and seeks to uplift the State at the expense of those who are displaced. Trump came to his defense by saying that ‘his plan was not a Muslim ban but it was targeted at countries that have tremendous terror.’ As concerned citizens should, the Muslim community in America condemned the move with contempt.

The world is yet to see America’s story unfold in the hands of troublesome Trump.

Nomfundo Modi



SaveSA National Protest

A National Protest is due to be held on 7 April 2017. It is spearheaded by a group known as “SaveSA”, which is reportedly rallying against corruption and the call for President Jacob Zuma to step down. This comes after the untimely Cabinet reshuffle and removal of Finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his trusted deputy, Mcebisi Jonas.

This past weekend a message leaked on social networks, asked the public to join in the national shutdown “regardless of race or political affiliation and to take to the streets in protest.” The message was in direct response of the decision by Jacob Zuma to conclude a reshuffle which heavily resonated with that of the removal of Nhlanhla Nene.

The message further stated that people should “block highways, stand with [their] communities, go to political houses”, and other such activities to allow for the voices of the people to be heard. It comprised of the recently familiarized language of hashtags, such as #ZumaMustFall and #SouthAfricaMustRise

Organizers of the protest say that by a sustained effort, real organizations and real oppositions joining in on the protest, is the only way it can be remotely successful. Therefore people have to come out and come participate.

Candice Pearce


Campus life sport results

The NMMU South campus boasted with liveliness this past weekend as it hosted the Campus Life sports event. Numerous students came representing their respective residences in hopes of clinching the top spots in whichever events they found themselves. The Campus Life event is hosted annually, and celebrates campus life.

The results for the past weekend are as follows:

Results from the Campus Life Sport Festival

Rugby 7s

Round 1:

Xanadu 0 – 30 Oceana

Stallians 50 – 0 Unitas

Pointers 10 – 15 Laboria

Round 2

Northerns 37 – 7 Stallians

Xanadu 12 – 19 Laboria

Round 3:

Pointers 29 – 0 Xanadu

Northerns 52 – 0 Unitas

Round 4:

Laboria 0 – 33 Oceana

Pointers 7 – 7 Oceana


Northerns 22 – 0 Pointers

Oceana 24 – 12 Oceana

Playoffs: Pointers 12 – 0 Stallians

Finals: Northerns 21 – 12 Oceana


Kings residence came 5th place as they went down 9-8 to Melodi 1. Melodi 1 came 4th while the top 3 were Lebombo, Laboria and SSV. SSV won 9-5 in the finals beating Laboria. This was their third gold medal win in 3 consecutive years.

Table tennis


Round 1:

Lebombo vs SSV (Lebombo won)

Melodi vs Veritas (Melodi won)

Round 2:

Oceana vs Lebombo (Lebombo won)

Finals: Melodi vs Lebombo (Melodi won)

Bronze: Oceana

Silver: Lebombo

Gold: Melodi


Letaba vs Xanadu (Xanadu won)

Finals: Xanadu vs PGSV (PGSV won)

SSV and Oceana were disqualified for not pitching up.

Sliver: Xanadu

Gold: PGSV


100 m – Ladies finals

Melodi – 5

Lebombo – 4

Letaba – 3

Veritas – 2

Laboria – 1

100 m – mens finals

PGSV – 4

Unitas – 3

Premier – 2

Laboria – 1

4 x 100m relays results



SSV 8 – 0 Lebombo

Veritas 2 – 1 Melodi (Veritas were disqualified for using players who played for SSV against Lebombo as such Melodi played the finals against SSV)

SSV 4 – 0 Melodi


First round:

PGSV 2 – 0 Omega

SSV 4 – 0 Xanadu

Unitas 1 vs 2 Laboria

Smart 3 – 0 Kings  (Smart won)

Oceana 1 – 2 Premier

Varsity Park 0 -3 Oppidani

Last 8

Letaba 0 – 4 Laboria

SSV 2 – 1 Premier

PGSV 0 – 1 Oppidani

The Digs – Smart (Smart won penalties)


SSV 1 – 1 Laboria (SSV won 4-1 on penalties)

Oppidani 1 – 0 Smart


SSV 1 – 1 Oppidani (SSV won 3-2 on penalties)

SSV successfully defended their title, they won from last year.

Madibaz Radio Sport Team

Another year, Another shuffle

2017 started off as a year of reflecting on the previous year of politics with the role of women in politics being scrutinized. This year we have seen the ANCWL move to being patriarchal queens and princesses protecting the ANC brotherhood. But the events that have transpired in the recent week have left the country in a state of confusion on the near future.

At this moment, the reasons are based on speculation. There seems to be a speculation made by Vytjie Mentor on the recalling of former Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan. However, these claims have been disputed but one cannot help but wonder whether the recalling had to do with the fact that Gordhan was the one Minister that was not persuaded by a plate of curry.

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