The Raw, Uncut and UnEdited Truth!


Have we as black society lost the plot to such an extent that we seem to find fault with entities that we empower and have become slaves for? I’ve encountered many posts on social media blaming the media itself for perceptions created, ideas and the thinking of another. The media has been idolized to such an extent that black society is unaware that the same media they blame for portraying them and their leaders in a particular light is the same media they spend hours observing. Look at local Soapies. Local Soapies portray a particular livelihood. The livelihood portrays black individuals as being the stereotyped perceptions of black people. Let’s examine Isidingo. The character Sikhumbuzo otherwise known as Skhu is a successful business man who’s had a successful sporting career and he is now a business owner. Yet disputes this his highlighted and illustrated trait is him being a “player”. The entire storyline of Sikhumbuzo is that he’s a “player” who will do any female in a skirt. So black people, while you sit and idolize the career of Sikhumbuzo you turn a blind eye to the constant portrayal of him as a “player”. Patriarchal black society praises him for his ways yet can easily challenge an opinion shared on an elected leader. The same elected leader who has a track record of being corrupt. But for the sake of loyalty you entrust more males with an agenda of corrupt thinking to elect someone on your behalf who will do the entire black race justice. “But we have Generations”, you say. The same Generations created and run by a black man is the same Generations that has fired an entire cast. “Job creation!”, you shout. Yet many are unemployed in other spheres including the same show that you love so much that reflects a negative reality of black society. I wonder where your priorities lie and for how long are you going to be a slave and a fool to your own gullible and naive train of thought? If you take a close look at all other broadcast media, black society will be portrayed in a positive note but the negative supersedes the positivity. It’s rare to have a positive story told of black society in a Soapie, Movie or Series both nationally and internationally. Who fuels these forms of media on a daily basis? Black society. We sit and watch in enjoy,met commenting and critiquing yet we are not up in arms when the portrayal of black people on a daily basis being displayed is blatant disrespect to black society. The same shows we enjoy are the same shows that portray a rather negative message to the white man you critique and hate so much. By tuning in on a daily basis you have allowed for such portrayal of black society. Has hypocrisy become such a norm that we are selective and attack rather than observing from all spectrums? Let’s look at the entire Zelda Saga. Black society in social media was up in arms blaming the West and its ways, calling an outspoken white female racists and all sorts yet the same complainants cannot even account and/trace their African roots. The same complainants are whining about Westernization when they’re so far into the Western ways they barely know what their own Customary Laws are. See the hypocrisy in that? Unity has always been preached in black society but I wonder for ho long are we going to defend wrongdoing for the sake of pride of a black person in power. Black society does not hold their leaders accountable for wrongdoing but calls upon one to account for highlighting the truths. There is clearly something wrong with this. The media cannot function without human beings. If the media is so controlled depicting black society negatively, why are you still tuning in on a daily basis? Why are you still pouring thousands into the industry? Why opt to write on social media trending for a few minutes only to end up waking up the next day clicking on a media outlets website reading the news? The majority of the South African population is black society. The same majority that is up in arms can shut down the media protesting for content of a particular nature to be broadcasted. If Asians could do so, what can’t Africans? It doesn’t take Africans to solve African matters, it takes collective thinking removing the infamous victim role. Yes, centuries ago our ancestors surrendered their dominion to the white man and through slavery, colonization and apartheid we are free by word yet up we are continually being systematically oppressed. Certain corporate companies pay millions to ensure their businesses run on white labour rather than black labour. If policies are in place and sanctions are imposed to correct the injustices of the past, why is the state allowing for such? Why create such policies if there are loopholes that allow for corporate companies to run like this?  Back to the Zelda Saga. Had there not been a few “popular” (Remember you gave these individuals such status) individuals not responded negatively to the Zelda Tweets, would you have thought or seen otherwise? Black society acting collectively can ruin and destroy us in many ways. Had a black individual raised the exact same points, the reaction (as per my observation) would have been otherwise. Instead it is most likely that the person would have been seen as a teething child who seeks attention like Ntsiki Mazwai has been portrayed. Our leaders are given some God status that we seem to be intolerant to honesty and opinions of another.  Intolerance of difference is so rife that we are blinded by the fact that on a daily basis you, black society, surrender your own power to another party. You allow for another party to have dominion over you. We are not free. We use the past to excuse a lack of development, we use the past to excuse the troubles we face today and we blame white people for disadvantaging us. The North can protest in masses against cost of living being too high, decisions made by the state which are not beneficial to society and anything that affects the majority yet there seems to be compliance to such and an uproar when it suits us. We have irresponsible black bloggers calling for a civil war. So we get into a war and then what? Thousands are dead and left destitute because we were too busy fighting for power we could easily reclaim by saying no, being firm on the decision made and being united. Remember that video that we all watched about the auto generated voice of a white man listing how white society has gained dominion over black society? That video resonates the truth yet we continue to live in the cycle that continues to feed systematic oppression. Access to learning is such an issue in this country yet we are up in arms during registration season after spending money callously in the name of iBig Days. “Our people were never good at saving”, yet you forget our ancestors survived through farming and finding ways to cut costs in our homelands. You find every possible excuse for this and that and you blame this and that not taking any responsibility or doing any form of introspection and thinking beyond your scope. In 2015 you still idolize politicians believing it will be done yet it’s been over 20 years and what have you seen? What have you been told? Have you opted to find out for yourself instead of being told by some machine and the infamous media?

You watch and observe and see the world wide portrayal of Islam and Muslims and you find that to be an injustice yet the same has been done to black society for centuries. Muslims and black society are in the same boat. Constant negative portrayal, irresponsible journalism . Journalists need to be held accountable too. The news are subject to their interpretation and their wording is strategic as it conveys a message that could potentially harm and endanger an entire society. Editors are to blame too as they chop and change a message which is portrayed. See what happens when you start thinking accountability what you may discover along the way? Hold media outlets accountable for what they write, hold leaders accountable for their failures and stop blaming the next person when there are individuals that can account.
“You’ve been going on about this and that, what do you suggest?”, you ponder. I suggest, as I’ve stressed out, that we hold individuals accountable and not be blinded by some allegiance. We’ve entrusted the well being of a state to one entity or another and it is time they account to the people exhausting all options possible. Let us be tolerant and embrace each other’s differences for these differences make us who we are as individuals as we are not carbon copies of each other. By nature man craves power in one way or another, claim the power of your life and empower those around you. I do not want to sound like some hippy who’s just tripping and losing their high but introspection is needed. We cannot go around being childlike in our adulthood blaming this and that instead of (I’m going to repeat myself just to ensure you remember this) holding individuals accountable. Accountability need not be done in a parliament sitting. Accountable pity can be done in other spheres. Listen and read with understanding formulating your own thoughts rather than listening and reading to respond for the sake of responding. As harsh as this may seem the truth needs to be told. Black society cannot move forward if the victim role is all we ever play and continue to blame this or that when we still give our power to the next. When we still allow entities we can easily control to control us. When we are blinded by loyalty causing us to defend rather than question. Let us reclaim the power we’ve surrendered. Let us be as vocal with action as previous leaders who freed black society from slavery, colonization and apartheid.
Who am I to say all this? I am Sanelisiwe Owethu Ntabeni and I can account for every word I’ve written. I am not of any race other than the human race. I am of African, to be specific South African, descent. I believe in nonracialism and being free. Call it what you may but once again, the truth needs to be told.

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