iAfrika Mayibuye!

Credit: http://www.sahistory.org.za
Credit: http://www.sahistory.org.za

We, African descendants, are pathetic. It’s been over 90 days since 200 odd girls were kidnapped and they have not returned. The number of girls missing is still sketchy. It’s been less than a month since the whole TB Joshua debacle and we are mum on it. Heritage Day has been labelled Braai Day. The are other injustices taking place and have been left unresolved. What do we do? We look for other things and jump onto American fads like the ALS Ice Bucket thing forgetting what is happening at home. Americans, in doing the Ice Bucket challenge, are raising awareness as to what’s going in their territory. They do not care about us Africans and our African issues! The rest of the world could not be bothered either. They are too preoccupied with what is going on in their territory; anything that is happening outside is none of their business unless it has a detrimental effect on their functioning.

South Africa, we have completely lost the plot too. We hide behind the comfort of screens facing our reality through 140 characters or status updates. We challenge society by making a mockery of a few. We have become insensitive. We don’t know how to relate to each others as humans. We treat each other as ploys to fulfil a void in our lives. We have turned our backs and the very same people who we expect to protect us. We are not loyal to our past, instead we ridicule it as the stupidity of our ancestors. We have become generic models mimicking the rest of the world, we rely on handouts and on others, we are not authentic to our customs, cultures and all other traits that make us African. We are by-products of globalisation. We essentially have become mini America prior to the big economic boom. We are in a rut filled with societal struggles that have become such a norm. We have accepted Heritage Day as Braai Day fuelling the corporate world. We accept corruption as being part of everyday life. We say what is a government without corruption? We accept crime as being part of the cycle of life and without it there is something lacking in the world. We are materialistic. We find comfort in material objects that bring us temporary happiness.

You question who am I to even raise such points and say such when I am a product of this and that. My dear, it is not about what made me. It is about what am I doing to ensure that the next generation does not suffer such ordeals. We need to look beyond the lines of race and gender. We need to look beyond the haves and have nots and leave a legacy behind that will benefit society as a whole.

Disclaimer: I opted for this platform as a tool to free you from the slavery of the tool! The same tool that has controlled and restricted us to be nothing but statistics and market research.

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