View Point: On The Western Cape Naming A Street After FW De Klerk

FW De Klerk was not born in on 2-February-1990. His story is told to us by white media together with their confused black apologists as that of a hero who did not exist before that date. It is as if he came from a virgin’s womb pronounced on heaven on a divine day to rescue the black majority and its leadership organized under the ANC and delivered freedom and justice on a silver platter. It cannot be in 2015.

FW De Klerk is a racist, he is an apartheid leader who worked tirelessly to make his people benefit from the slaughtering, oppression and exploitation of innocent black people. He was a seasoned leader of the National Party. He campaigned with passion and vigor for the National Party to win the 1948 whites-only elections. He served in the successful ruthless apartheid government as Minister of Posts, Telecommunications, Sports and Recreation (1978-1979), Mines, Energy And Environmental Planning (1979-1980), Mineral and Energy Affairs (1980-1982), Internal Affairs (1982-1985) and National Education and Planning (1984-1989). In all these departments he was maximizing white privilege and ensuring black exclusion from them. He was there in that government, earning its salary and ministerial benefits whist our people were exiled, hanged and jailed in serious trenches.

Even his family background reassures his stinking racism. His father Johannes De Klerk was the Secretary of the National Party. His aunt was married to National Party Prime Minister JG Strydom. His brother Willem De Klerk was one of the founders of the Democratic Party, another political party that was involved in apartheid government an its Parliament which today is known as the Democratic Alliance (DA). There is just an overflow of apartheid DNA throughout his family and background. His blood and consciousness knows nothing else other than perfecting and executing black suffering with distinction.

We are also told by this white media that he himself took a decision to release the leadership of liberation movements and unbanned our peoples movements. This is again lies of the highest order for we know that he only took this decision only when the international market started to threaten the pockets of whites economically and South Africa was made to be ungovernable by the youth. De Klerk had no other option but to surrender. At the CODESA negotiations, he was arguing for the protection and maintenance of white privilege. Even in the democratic dispensation when he became the deputy president for a few minutes through questionable methods, he stated it clearly from his own words by saying “majority rule according to this new Constitution is a mistake”.

And so, for the DA to name a street after this tried and tested chauvinistic and dogmatic racist is a celebration of his life and legacy. The DA is basically declaring FW De Klerk’s life and leadership as a blueprint into our future. This proves my long held view that the DA is a museum of apartheid colonialism wearing a black mask of “democracy”. It wants apartheid to never get erased in our minds and material conditions. It compares De Klerk to Mandela and the Freedom Charter of his liberation movement. It wants to turn our heads around into some colour-blind, historically unconscious and passive constitutional liberals. South Africa cannot and will never be a feel-good rainbowism to reassure white people that under white tutelage, things can change without having to change. It cannot be in the 21st birthday of our democracy.

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