Excursion 1

Sandboarding is one adventurous activity I never thought I would ever participate in. The Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism in association with various tourist sites and landmarks within The Bay offers visitors and locals the opportunity to explore The Bay, its beauty and to have fun while doing so.

Madibaz Radio was invited to participate in the one of many excursions held by Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism. The excursion started with all participants meeting at the Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism offices where we were given goody bags and an explanation of different activities that the Nelson Mandela Bay has to offer to both visitors and locals. From that point we took a drive leading to Sundays River. The peaceful and tranquil journey from the city to a quieter and natural habitat of the inland illustrates the beauty of the Nelson Mandela Bay which fuses modernistic architecture and vintage architecture.

The excursion started off at Sundays River where we took a boat cruise from one end of the river to where the sand dunes were. During this trip, we had to opportunity to explore the natural habitat looking at the livelihood of Sundays River which includes locals fishing in the river, driving their boats and simply enjoying the majestic atmosphere at Sundays River. During the boat cruise across the river, our sandboarding instructor and boat captain, Karl Botha, offered intimate details of Sundays River and the greater surrounding areas.

We finally reached the sand dunes where we prepared ourselves for the ultimate surfboarding experience. Our surfboarding instructor, Karl Botha, gave us guidelines on how to sandboard and how to maximise our experience by having fun. The group started off at a lower altitude and went higher as the experience went on. After sandoarding for a couple of hours and having an absolute blast we watched in awe as our sandboarding instructor cruised down the highest altitude. After much fun in the sun and having the most amazing experience, we were taken on a mini road trip in the wilderness where we got to see other local attractions.

After the scenic road trip, we reached our final destination, the Nanaga Farm Stall. Upon arrival, the aroma of the surrounding farm livelihood welcomed us. As we entered the Nanaga Farm Stall we got an opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the history of the Farm Stall and the surrounding landmark areas. The Farm Stall offers a wide range of fresh foods and produce prepared in a visible kitchen where one can see the method of preparation. There is more to the Farm Stall than just food items. The Farm Stall has a range of homemade and hand made products ranging from bags to small tokens to decorate a space. After our visit at the Nanaga Farm Stall, it was time to return home and to share our experience with our friends, families, colleagues and loved ones.

This was an absolutely phenomenal experience and I would, without hesitation, recommend this to anyone of any shape, size and colour. Whether you are a local or just visiting Nelson Mandela Bay, Nelson Mandela Bay is indeed #MyNelsonMandelaBay.


Written by Sanelisiwe Owethu Ntabeni

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