Style v Trend


I found myself checking and going through my usual social feeds and stumbled across an amazing article with the headline ‘yoga pants are ruining women’ great words said by Fran Lebowitz and I thought to myself thank you world. It was actually not about anything you think it went on to say, the point of the article in fact had nothing to do with yoga pants at all, it did however, make me realise no wait, that in fact yes its true that people have forgotten style and in fact these day follow trends.

Style is very personal it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever – Raulph Lauren

He couldn’t have said it any other way. Stop following trends unless of course your intention was to look like your friend Molly who you actually secretly think has really bad hair. Be yourself, style is an expression of who you are and I doubt Molly has the same one.  You should never want an item of clothing because you feel like you’re missing out.

d68c8226-3acf-4b4d-aa40-261f3b5363cf-620x372Everyone around campus is roaming around wearing that horrid piece of cloth of a t-shirt that’s got an extra long front and back and possibly own it in every colour, thank you mass production, truth only 5% of the universities student population that own it look good in it, the rest should burn it.

Society is weird really because we are all able to identify Kanye Wests style however not our own why? Because you’re too concerned about what’s trending in his wardrobe and what he likes instead of what you like, and what you want to wear today. You find an old vintage pair of trousers your dad wore in the 80’s and you love them? Put them on, they have a weird print? Its art. Let’s not be indoctrinated by what is supposed to be in currently and instead make your inner voice come out and play.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different- Coco Chanel. One of the many reasons you remember her. Think of getting clothing as a day at the art gallery, pick an item that speaks to you, it should give you character the minute you spot it and the day you start respecting and loving your style this way is the day the world remembers you.



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