Online Shopping


Something hit me the other day, whilst out shopping and roaming around the whole of PE looking for black ankle rain boots that I had in fact seen online. So naturally I went to every Mr Price store looking for a pair and guess what? Yip they were sold out so I went to the next one and then the next and by now thanks to my not so forgiving waist at the moment I was finished by the end of this all.

I asked myself after putting myself and my bestfriend’s petrol through hell, why didn’t I just order a pair online. I mean come on the great Gods of convenience have made this available to us but we haven’t really woken up now have we.

So I went and tried this out and placed an order probably the best online shopping site ever because their items are amazing and I spent about three hours deciding what to purchase. And they deliver for free, yip free shipping, however, I must admit that a part of me doesn’t fully trust that the consumer pays nothing at all towards the delivery bill but that’s just the economist in me speaking so don’t mind that.

Main concerns about this that I will admit, is what if it doesn’t fit, so I picked to go with an item that wont make me get heart palpitations about the fit. Another big don’t about online shopping I would say is don’t order something in hope that it will arrive in two days just in time for the all white party.

I’m now sitting here anxious as ever as we all wait for the arrival of my item. Crossing fingers lets hope for the best lovers.


XXX Ms Swagg



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