New York Fashion Week

One of the most prestigious, followed and recognized fashion events in the world where over 100 designers from all corners of this earth come together in the big apple to showcase their art and shape what our wardrobes will carry. Will the A line skirt take center stage or will it be the year where shear continues to brace us with its presence.

NYFW this year has definitely come to surprise us and show us the ways in which the fashion industry keeps evolving and grows every year and takes a mysterious turn.

Without the models well fashion week would kind of be a big blur, just imagine not being able to figure out on how garments are supposed to take shape and the possible way of wearing it, however, we have been having the huge controversy of the shape, size, weight, height of models because to be honest lets face it, the whole world isn’t built that way. You will love to know though that this year models have taken a big turn. Designers are now using beautiful plus size models and this evolution has been in the works for years now and has taken to the runway in a major way.

That isn’t the big news though, this year even those less able were strutting their stuff, showing us that fashion is showing us that beauty is not categorized or defined by a particular group of women or look dependent on how tall or thin you are. Last year we saw the beautiful Winnie Harlow, now the new face of Desigual, a young beautiful woman who has vitiligo showed us that she didn’t let her condition stop her from living her dream of being a supermodel.

The Fashion industry also never forgets to give back, now they are airheads who only think about what pair of heels would best suit that dress, Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show, the show was organized to raise awareness and money to fight the spread of Ebola, many of her famous friends walked in the show with her and used the tagline “fashion against ebola”.


Fashion is alive and is shaping the world in marvelous ways don’t miss the movement.

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