SA Fashion Week

SA Fashion Week started on a fabulous high at the launch last night in Sandton. Celebrities stepped out in their best ensembles on the black carpet, honouring the “all black” theme event hosted by Cruz Vodka. I was glued to my Instagreezy to get it all while it’s hot but not as usual, not everyone quite got the memo of the theme or just decided to pick out colours of the rainbow to rock at the event… Nevertheless, these were some of my favourite looks at the event:

Maps FW

Mr Maps Moponyane looked dapper in all black, no surprises there though. A lot of you may still be asking what this guy is famous for, but honestly who cares! Granted, he goes to quite a number of events, hell he would go to the opening of an envelope and look amazing!  He makes simple look suave and simply sophisticated. He posted up this yummy pic of himself on social media and lands himself in number 3 on my fashion chart this week.

At number 2, Thando Thabethe makes an appearance and killed the all black jump suit look. Her skin is radiant and glows under the spot light, complementing the black. Another simple look that just worked effortlessly! The ensemble looked tailored for her waist line and the wonderful cleavage distraction she served the cameras in this snapshot. #YAAAASSSGURL!!!

Face of Avon Aspire fragrance, Pearl Modiadie slayed the carpet with a facebeat fleeked by the Gods. I loved her look , which in my opinion could have gone so wrong, but she managed to pull it off in that Black Coffee number. Her ear piece accessories, hair and dress is EVERYTHING. It was made for her apple bottom curves. It looks amazing at every angle, a well-deserved number one in the fashion chart this week.  And it certainly redeemed her from that last appearance on the red carpet, how do I say… Fashion disaster at the Metro’s last month. Well done Pearl!

Pearl FW

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