Pop Culture

Popular culture has always been a strong influence in the fashion arena, more so the western trends that are regurgitated and put on mass production in our retails. The generic snap backs, sweat pants and “wife beaters” are just a few items that you, yes you reading this article have in your closet.  Before you think this is a read about your carbon copy fashion choice, let’s be real, who has been influencing this part of your identity.  Fashion is an expression of who we are, it’s a statement, it’s a representation of whom we are or whom we present ourselves to be. Who is deciding who you are? Or whom do you relate yourself to being? I’m not going to decide that for you, but I will say, the growing trend of incorporating African trends in the more recent years on platforms as big as Fashion week outside of the continent is quite a marvel! As an African, it resonates with my identity and gives me reason to really start looking at my traditional attire as  more than the garment at the back of my wardrobe but also a potential force in popular culture that could inspire designers, make even my previously colonised continent of young people take pride in who we are as native people and aspire less to wearing these baseball tees and Basketball vests , games a lot of people in the continent have never watched never mind follow.

My favourite item right now definitely has to be the Dashiki. The West-African trend, worn formally or casually is fab. Take notes “cool kids”, yes we see you! I like what I’m seeing, especially among the guys on campus rocking it with a bit of modern touch, in the words of my fab friend Melikhaya aka Ultra Mel would say, “It’s a thing”. Get with it! I went around campus taking snaps with the resident photographer, El Triss to see who rocks it best. I’ll leave that for you to decide. Shout out to our models who were dorobucci in their Dashiki’s!  We see that matching your socks with the trend is a thing too!


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