Leotard vs Bodysuits

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith some of the most recent shenanigans at the Mr and Miss NMMU Freshette that trended on Twitter for a week, I figured I’d stop ignoring the pink elephant in the room and give a lesson on street fashion vs costumes! Yes ladies, there’s a difference so you might want to take notes! Granted many costume like garments have made their way into mainstream fashion, the tutu for instance is derived from ballet dancers’ costumes but also make a show stopping piece, dressed up at a cocktail dinner or down with chucks . Similarly body suits are derived from leotards, only the aim was to create a piece that could fit comfortably and complementary than simple tops to the  pants, skirts, shorts we wear but most importantly more flattering than the average top we have tuck in jeans or that snatched high waste skirt in your closet. Notice I did not mention stockings? Body suits are basically like tops and can’t be used as costumes or anything a “dancer” can perform in especially in the absence of bottoms as they tend to snap at the crotch allowing the garment to be easily pulled over the head. Many of you reading this might find this all too familiar as it happened and became the conversation starter for every body! Yes we see you J No shade… but on a serious note let’s not confuse the two… Keep the fashion the streets or the streets will be talking and the costumes for Halloween and performances…

Leotard ballerina

As I tune Dance For You by Beyonce’, hope you guys have an amazing week.

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