Fashion On Fleek!

Decisions… Decisions…

The 3rd Annual Fairview Race Course Fashion Show in association with NMMU’s Fashion Department took place on the 10th of May 2015 and yours truly attended the affair. The shindig is synonymous to the calibre of the J&B Met and Durban July, and I was quite excited to be attending this year’s hat affair. The dress code was smart and ladies are urged to wear hats as a mandatory touch to the ensemble. I’m pretty torn between two outfits I can potentially rock at the event. Being the fashionistas you are, I figure I’d let you vote on which you like best and what suits this function best.

The first frock is monochrome. I quite like the silhouette of it as it has a simple low V-neck line which looks quite flattering on even on members of “itty-bitty-titty” committee members like myself, if you catch my drift. The length of the dress makes it quite flexible to wear at another occasion but my favourite feature of the dress besides the colours has to be the slanted and juxtaposed white overlay at the knee. Frock on FLEEK!!!


The second look is a jumpsuit, personally it’s my favourite! The double breast gold buttons compliment the black leather collar. The low neck line is everything on this look. The sleeves are adjustable to make shorter but I prefer long sleeves. At first glance this actually looks like a two-piece but the elastic waist band attaching the top and the bottom kind of makes it more playful yet sophisticated. Absolutely love it!!!


Do bear in mind I have to wear a hat with the outfit so choose carefully LOL!  Love you all my fashionistas.

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