Riky Rick


You moved from being the most sought after producer to being a rapper. Why the change within the industry?

Ive always been an artist. Its nothing new. Its all the same to me whether Im producing and when Im an artist. Essentially its all up to the people and its all dependent. I just do what I do whether Im rapping or producing.


Are you still producing or are you focusing strictly on being a rapper?

Im still producing. I produce music for other artists including myself and I still make music.


How has your experience been thus far in the Eastern Cape?

Its always crazy and I always have fun. The Eastern Cape and its people are unlike any other place Ive been to.


Your album is coming, are you excited for the release?

The album is dope! Anyone who has followed me from 4 years back will know my journey. My album tells my personal story. Some of the sounds are even 4 years old. Its important that for people to know what Im all about and theyll do that by listening to my album.


Were still on your album, what should listeners expect on the much anticipated album?

Listeners should expect me. Who they’ve seen and heard. Like I said it’s a personal album that highlights my journey.


The competition in the South African rap game is tough; there are various rappers in the industry that have remained relevant. How do you plan on remaining relevant and sustaining your popularity?

Ive only been here, as a rapper, for a year. I plan on working and doing what I do. I plan on staying true to my identity and my style. I dont try to fit in and I advise anyone not to even try to fit in or theyll fall out.


What made you choose music instead of any other industry?

We are all musically conscious. Everyone makes up melodies and sings. It is something people do all the time. People are always performing in one way or another. I got lucky. When the opportunity allows for you to be great, you seize the moment. Only a few get lucky and at times its not even based on talent.


Haters are common within the industry, how do you deal with such individuals?

What Im learning now is just to be a nice guy. I try to be as nice as possible. You get people that try to get a reaction from you and others are chilled. Im not used to having haters. Ive realized that people care about you. The bigger you are the more you care and that affects your learning and how to respond. Ive never dealt with negativity and I dont know how to deal with such.


The Eastern Cape is one of the few chosen locations to perform. Will Riky Rick be coming to Port Elizabeth?

I want to do an album launch in Port Elizabeth. As soon as the album drops in April Ill be sure to sort out the logistics of the album launch.


Any last words for your fan base in Port Elizabeth?

Everyone and anyone is capable of achieving what they want to. It is all about working hard and being conscious of your work. Have no doubts and position yourself as to where you want to be and where youre headed when you get there.

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