Mo Flava


You’re on our TV screens on Fridays and on Saturdays we’re out dancing to one of your sets. Is entertainment as a whole your first love?

My love is in doing what I enjoy and doing it to my best ability. I’ve been doing radio for 9 years and I love it. The added benefit about being in the entertainment industry is me being on TV for 4 and a half years on TV and I loved it too. I love everything in the entertainment industry. Entertainment when is not what you see when I’m on TV and mixing a set, it is stressful and there’s pressure etc but it is what it is.


What made you opt to be involved in the entertainment industry rather than being in a corner office?

The desire to be on radio. I grew up listening to radio and I always was interested in with how things are done before understanding it. I had a natural interest in media from a radio perspective and learned the ropes. The consumption of something often enough leads you to become curious from curiosity you build an interest and it eventually forms part of you. When it comes to being a DJ I listened to Vinny Da Vinci’s House At Work. Listening to it led to one thing and another. Exposure to radio and music essentially made me who I am today.


You’re involved in the Boston Bursary giveaway, has that changed you as an individual in any way?

Being involved in such an initiative has changed me as an individual. Sitting and calling recipients of the bursary changes their lives and mine. Personally, this is a major eye opening experience. You realize the value of certain things to certain people. Parents of the bursary recipients view this as an opportunity they never had and the recipients themselves view this as a chance of a lifetime.


You’re involved in more than one philanthropy project. It’s rare for entertainers to be involved in multiple projects. What made you involve yourself in such projects?

It’s all about identifying things that you are interested in and having an interest in them. I love football and I opted to incorporate my love for football by hosting an annual charity football tournament for all to participate in. We’ve raised funds for an organization in Soweto. Interest and starting an initiative stems from a passion behind it and from the natural love for it. No one can dictate to you what you can and cannot do, what you should and should not do, it a natural attraction that you are drawn to.


Do you have any projects lined up?

I sold gold one my first single. I have a compilation with Soul Candi Sessions 2015. I’m shooting a video for one of my songs and I’m hoping to hit platinum soon. I’m working with Riky Rick to collaborate on a house song.


What are your thoughts on your soon to be new co-host on Club808?

I’m leaving the show. I announced in February that I’m leaving the show. I’ve been doing the show for four years now and I want to focus on other aspects in entertainment. I’ve done everything that needs to be done on the show. I’ve travelled and conducted interviews for the show. I feel as though I’ve done it all for the show. I also thought it was better to leave the stage whilst you’re still hot. I don’t want to reach a point where I am told to leave the show abruptly. The management team of the show realized it was time for change and to revamp the show that’s why Nonhle is leaving and I opted to leave with her. They’ve found new presenters for the show. Boity is good looking and people will love her on TV. She’ll be fine as long as she works hard enough.


Is there more to Mo Flava other than what we know via the media?

I am very shy. I’m passionate about what I do and I’m a perfectionist in all that I do. Being a perfectionist tends to take the fun out of things but it must be done. I’m trying to be on the next level!

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