Major Leagues DJz


Slyza Tsotsi is one of the biggest social network movements in the country. You have a wide range of South African celebrities participating in this movement. Did you think it would have been this big?

We thought it was going to be big but not as huge as it has become on social media. Were happy about the success of the song, how big its gotten and how everyone is involved.


When can we expect the Slyza Tsotsi video to come out?

We start shooting the music video this week. It should be out in the next month.


Do you have any projects in the pipeline?

Were working on our album which will be released in June. Well also be performing in one of Sandtons biggest music festivals. Were also working on our music projects.


Is there more to the duo other than music?

We have a events planning and production company.


There have been many groups by siblings and theyve vanished, how different are you from the rest?

We are brothers that love each other, inspire one another and we better each other all the time. Innovation, inspiring, vision if theres a lack thereof we work together as one.


How do you remain relevant in this day and age?

Our formula is street orientated. We stay in the streets even though were doing big things. Were always thinking of doing more focusing on whats on ground level. We create our own trends based on this.

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