Welcome home iFani! How has your experience been thus far since youve returned for the Redds Carnival?

Being in PE is always dope. Weather pulled through and it was not moody like it usually is.


The Eastern Cape tends to be marginalized when it comes to major music events. In your capacity as a product of the Eastern Cape, do you have any musical vision for the province?

What Im doing now is focusing on iFani as a national brand influencing everyone equally nationally. I have plans for South Africa more that I do for the Eastern Cape.


Your music is a fusion of different sounds accompanied by you rapping. Why did you opt to go the unconventional route and not conform to the standard of hip hop?

I try to put my personality into my music. I use all data given by those who analyzed me. I put psycho-analysis into my music. My music reflects my personality.


Looking at how you dress, your music and your performances, theyre different. You dont mimic the west. Is iFani a nonconformist?

You can say that. We are all unique. I chose to represent himself and what represents me. My vintage fashion sense comes from grandparents.


Remaining relevant in this day and age is rare yet you have managed to do so. How do you remain relevant?

I will always remain relevant because I stay true to my brand. Relevancy is not an important factor as long as I focus on myself and my music. When I record music I do not want to be influenced by anything or anyone. I isolate myself and focus solely on my music.

Rapping in IsisXhosa is rare, youve managed to remain true to your musical identity. Is South Africa and the rest of the world ready for more Xhosa rappers?

The world is ready for anyone who is ready to express themselves. When I came out IsiXhosa was not a favoured language and I stuck to my dream. I am here today because I stuck to my dream. My next dream is to sell gold on the first day of releasing an album. Im not trying to be this and that and Im not doing this and that to make it happen, it will happen because it’s my dream.


Do you have any new projects lined up?

The plan for now is to focus on Sakhekile and his music. Im also focusing on Naledi whos from PE and Lex Lafoy whos from KZN.


You have a huge fan base nationally with NMMU students included; do you have any words of encouragement to your youth fan base?

Have faith. Have a dream and have faith in that dream. Knowing that you have faith in your dream is when you don’t have doubt and fear. When you remove fear and doubt no witchcraft or any negativity formed against you shall prosper.


Any advice youd give to young, upcoming and aspiring rappers?

People tend to look at what’s there they never look at what’s in here, do not look out, look in.


iFani has his frames custom made in Durban. He also plans on coming to NMMU to promote his album.

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