DreamTeam has been known as the underdogs of the music industry, as a dynamic trio from KZN. How did you three come about forming this trio?

Being an underdog happens automatically for every new musician. The more music you have and the more material you have, the more you climb up the ladder. We’ve been friends for a long time. We met from a dance group and since then, we changed the concept from dancers to dream team. When we formed the dream team, we have been making music since then.


You’ve opened for Wale, Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean. How was that experience?

It was our first time opening for all international acts. It’s also the first time that we’ve been on the same platform as them. It was a major thing for us. We wanted to prove that we’re on the same level in terms of bringing music to the table. Opening for these international acts was a huge blow to our career considering our position from last year. It has been a humbling experience. This year we’ll be opening for ScHoolBoy Q. Sharing the stage with such acts is a phenomenal experience and a platform to show that we’re not behind them.


You’re still in your early 20s. Are there any other ventures you’ll branch into other than music?

We’re definitely going into business. We have a production company. Our production company actually works on music videos including our own. International music moguls like Jay Z and P Diddy and our national moguls like DJ Sbu have shown us that there’s more to music than just making music, there’s the business element to music. While we’re still young, we’re focusing on making music and when we grow older we’ll focus on business.


You’ve won an award at the SA Hip Hop Awards and you’ve been nominated for other awards. Has such recognition validated that you have “made it” in the music industry?

As humbling as it is not something that we make music for. The best margin to determine whether you have made it is by how people receive you. Awards are great but they don’t make you credible. It’s good to get recognition but the awards don’t make one great.


DreamTeam is said to be a brotherhood brand. Will this brand expand to aiding sisterhood in the near future?

DreamTeam is for everyone who’s a dreamer. There’s more to DreamTeam than the three of us. We have brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and our mothers. We learn from them friends in media. Learning is an ability for all. We learn from everyone and we grow our brand, this forms a huge part of the DreamTeam. DreamTeam is more of a familyhood than a brotherhood.


How has your experience of Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape been?

We’ve been here twice. We plan on experiencing the city tonight. This place is beautiful. The feel here is not any different form other major cities like JoBurg and Cape Town. We plan on interacting with more people to get the real feel Port Elizabeth.


Will DreamTeam be visiting the Nelson Mandela Bay any time soon?

Definitely! We’ll come through anytime we can. We love performing for people whether they’re in Port Elizabeth or Cape Town or Durban or JoBurg.


Do you have any projects lined up?

We have our album coming out this year. The title for our album is “Dreams Never Die”. We dropped our new single recently and we have a video coming out for that soon. We’re hoping to have more Redd’s Carnivals to perform in, do a few collaborations with national and international artists and to have a DreamTeam Experience.


Do you have any words for any young aspiring musicians?

Dreams never die! If you really want to make a success of yourself, there will be less sleep and less of everything. Even if that means you working, studying and doing music so be it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Have self belief, believe in yourself. Invest in yourself and others will follow. People are always about what they can’t do and that’s why they look down on you and your craft don’t let that get to you. Don’t try to impress everyone .Focus on your craft, your craft is the most important and make sure that your craft is at its100% point.

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