Interview with Khuli Chana


Madibaz Radio was at a standstill when the Motswako Originator, Mr Khuli Chana, graced our studio with his presence on the show On The Throne (#OTT). Melikhaya Xotyeni and Leslie Ramolai had the opportunity to interview Mr Khuli Chana and we got to know he man behind the music.


You have a different flavor thank you bring to South African Hip Hop. When you contrast other artists from a music perspective to you, you have a unique sound and flavor. What is Mostswako about?

Motswako is a mash up of different lingo, sound, culture and more. I come from Mafikeng where Moswako originates from. I have been exposed to Mostwako from the direct source bein where I come from. My name, Khulane Morule, is a fusion of Nuni and siTswana. You find other artists like HHP whose names are a fusion of two languages. I must say thank you to Stoan for starting the Mostwako movement.


Your video for 9 Shots is such an amazing video that offers Pictionary rather than the conventional storytelling and other commonly used forms for music videos. Can you tell us more about why you opted to o this root and the creative process behind the video?

Kyle Lewis made the video. I must commend him on the work he did on the video I didn’t want to appear on the video. I wanted to explore other avenues and be creative within the video. After the shooting incident I needed to vent and I did that through the video and the song itself. A relative of mine called and asked about the use of the bloody hand in the video because he didn’t understand why the video was the way it was.

On a lighter note, the Mahamba Yedwa video will be dropping on April the 10th at midday on Youtube.


Can you enlighten us on why you chose to do a radio tour across the country?

I wanted to share music and for people to hear my new joint. I planned on oing to all radio stations and to places I’ve never been to. I haven’t been in Port Elizabeth in ages and it is one of the places that have left a good impression on me. I’ve also been in the game for 10 years. I wanted to touch base with my fans and thank them for being with me through all these years.


You’ve gone to different stations including stations in rural areas. How has your experience been so far?

It’s been great! You know speaking of rural areas, the irony is that I make most of my income from rural areas. In the city it’s a completely different story. People are always looking for favors in one way or another. In the city, you’ll get the same thin. Whereas in the rural areas you get more appreciation.


You’ve got a strong fan base. Your fans have supported you from the shooting right until you came back onto our screens in the KFC advert. Do you have anything to say to your fans?

You know my fans have been there with me from day one. They’ve spoken for me when I couldn’t and I’ll forever be indebted to them. Their support means so much to me and my music.


Can you tell us more about your latest single?

I worked with Beatmuchini. I was inspired by the late Spokes H. It’s all about having fun and not beefing with anyone. It’s a joint for people to make out to and to have fun to. I want bring making out back and this song is the perfect way to bring that back.


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Written By: Sanelisiwe Owethu Ntabeni

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