Exclusive Kid X Interview

Final Kid X

You’re a growing brand and artist in the country. How’s that going for you?

Being under the spotlight is not as glitz and glam as portrayed in the media, it’s got pros and cons. The cons are that I no longer have a private life doing and I cannot do whatever I want to do to. Now I’m Kid X, a brand. The pros are the fame that comes with being Kid X, I get to live a privileged life and I tell a story through music.

When should we expect a new album?

At the moment as things stand, I have release my third single Seven. Releasing single is a build up to releasing a full length project. Im weighing my options in terms of supply and demand of my music. I will however have something out in stores in the second half of the year.

How are you finding PE thus far?

PE is very windy. Besides the weather the vibe and energy I picked up on stage is not something Ive experience in Joburg. Its refreshing coming down to PE and have people lose their mind over every song that plays. The energetic response from the crowd is heartwarming.

How was it working with Nomuzi Mabena on your latest single Seven?

It was very cool. Ive had the song Seven since June last year. Its been in my archives. It was never complete because I felt something was needed, something present was needed. When Nomuzi got signed and joined the camp the entire dynamic changed. I considered adding a female rapper to the song which ended up filling the song and it added character to it. People lover her and this was a great way of opening her to a new market. The focus is always given to the highlighted artists, Im glad to have given her a platform where she could make her first rap appearance and it was done on the song.

How was the response to the single considering the fact that Nomuzi is not your conventional artist?

With all facts considered, when music is produced it is to challenge the artists. Also, when music is produced it is to challenge the listener like an examiner examining students. It is not about seeing someone pass through it. Its all about all factors considered, a conundrum for the listeners to think about what is being sold in the song which is the reason why its reached its height.

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