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Guns n Lazers followed DJ Le President. Guns n Lazers is an electric duo that fuses electric with an emcee. The sound was different, not one that many students who watch have been accustomed to and have heard. The energy from Guns n Lazers in their performance filtered down to the crow who received their performance well. Their performance got many dancing, throwing themselves on the floor and others were left standing in awe. The overall performance was amazing. It’s hard to chose one highlight moment in the performance, it definitely between the cypher and the rendition of Jay Z and Kanye West’s Who Gon Stop Me. A fellow NMMU student was privileged to go on stage and rap against the emcee of Guns n Lazers. The dynamic duo is originally from Port Elizabeth and since they joined forces they have performed in major cities around the country with a huge following in Cape Town. We got to speak to Guns n Lazers before they jetted off to their next performance.


Your sound is different. You fuse two genres together which sounds great and it is such a rare combination. Why the fusion of these two genres?

People are open to something new. Genres stem from one another. There is no genre that does not originate from the other. We fuse old and new sounds to create our own. Our influence is predominantly from hip hop and electro is a passion we relate to.

Student reception of music differs. How was NMMU’s reception to your music?
Smart kids respond to smart music. The reception from students was insane. We saw one guy throw himself on the floor in excitement. You know you’re doing great when someone cannot even control themselves because of your performance. Music is an individual experience.

You’ve been performing for a period reaching its sixth year yet you remain relevant and sustain yourselves in music growing each and every year from a duo from Port Elizabeth. How have you maintained your audience for such an extensive period?

We live in a futuristic society. The evolution of society influences the evolution of our music. With times our sound has changed to adapt to what people are listening to. Our performances are unique and we fuse new music with old sounds in our performances. The hip hop influence will always remain and it won’t change. Hip hop influences all sorts of genres and it is through observing the influence hip hop has had that we are able to fuse our own sounds together ensuring that we remain relevant. We are open to changes in an evolving society.

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