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DJ Speedsta is a humble DJ who always remains true to his humility, his love for people and love for music. He is known by many and his love for music and people is what keeps him going. We got to speak to him about his love of music, his humble beginnings, how he has sustained his relevancy and what he has planned in future.


Why did you opt to be an entertainer in music?

Music keeps me out of trouble. I love people, seeing them happy and seeing them smile, through music I do that. Music makes people happy and me choosing to be a DJ spreads the happiness across.

You seem to be very reserved, quiet and shy, others may perceive this as a form of arrogance whereas others may see this as a sign of humility. Care to enlighten us on why you’re not an extrovert and you’re an introvert.

Being an introvert makes me stand out. People may perceive this in a negative light but I’m a chilled person who likes to keep to himself. I keep to myself in a social scene to let the music speak for me and to also not attract negativity. I was brought up in a small town and respect and humility were the norms of the town. I greet people and move on not to act fresh, I hate awkward moments where there’s an awkward silence. I come from a small town, celebrities don’t exist and everyone was equal.

Remaining relevant is one of the most difficult things for artists, DJs and entertainers. How have you remained relevant from the moment you started until today?

I remain true to myself. I am who I am and nothing changes. I remain constant, what you see is who I am. I don’t have an alter ego or another persona. Who I am and remaining true to myself is where I retain my relevance and longevity. I am not fake and I cannot be fake. It does not make any sense to me to be this person today and another person the next day. People keep me relevant. I need people to listen to my music. My love for music, having a good time, girls and partying is what keeps me relevant. I keep my circle of friends small and my circle is filled with my day one friends. The few friends I have know me as Lesego and refer to me as Lesego and not DJ Speedsta. I come from humble beginnings and I was fortunate enough to meet people like DJ Franky who have helped me in my musical journey. Having met DJ Franky has taught me a lot such as showing me how things are done within the industry.

It’s rare for artists to come to the Eastern Cape. How has your Eastern Cape experience been and do you have any future endeavours in the Eastern Cape?

It’s been great so far. Port Elizabeth definitely lives up to its pseudo name being the Windy City, it is incredibly windy. I will be back in Port Elizabeth in May. I have a song out titled Special Somebody with Cassper Nyovest, Riky Rick and Anatti. I’ll be doing a nationwide Special Somebody Tour where I’ll be promoting the song, celebrating my birthday and having a good time with listeners of my music.

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