DJ Muzero


DJ Muzero is not foreign to the music scene in Port Elizabeth nor is he foreign to NMMU students. This time, he had a live drum performance and a voice over adding substance and depth to his performance. We got to speak to him about the changes he made and how he’s challenging other DJs to up their DJying game.


You’re known as one of the greatest Hip Hop DJs that knows how to keep people on their feet until your set ends. This time around your performance was unexpected where you fused a voice over artist to build up the hype and a drummer to play along to the song. Why did you opt to make additions to your set?

I opted to transform and change the DJ Muzero brand by giving listeners an experience. Instead of me just playing music and mixing hits as one, I thought it would add more to build my own brand by making the additions. I’ve even branched off into different genres such as kwaito to illustrate my versatility as a DJ. My aim is to stand out and being a DJ that gives one an experience makes it easier to stand out.

Mixes are hard for one to obtain. You post your own mixes on a regular basis for free, why opt for the free route?

I give my listeners free downloads to spread my music. I want more people to listen to my mixes and to fall in love with music. On a professional side, I do not want to be implicated for copyright infringements. The best way to get things out and to circulate your name is to give away things for free.

Some may say that you’ve reached celeb status, once one reaches that point, they tend to relax and drop their standard yet you’ve maintained your high standard to such an extent that you’ve changed your performances. How do you remain constant?

Like I said before, I am trying to stand out and in doing so I’ve added bits and pieces to my performance as a whole. It’s not about being a celebrity, it is about giving people what they love and if they love this song and that one, I’ll be sure to give them a mix of songs they love.

Any last words for an aspiring DJ?

Be unique. Your quality of music must be of high standards and the way you mix your music must be smooth. Do not underestimate the power of your audience, they’re as technical when they listen to your mixes as you are.

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