DJ Le President


The music fueled night was started by DJ Le President. DJ LE President is a product of the Nelson Mandela Bay. He has spread his philosophy and love for music across the country with a huge following in major cities other than his home ground. His love for music and ensuring that the crowd is entertained comes from his sources of inspiration. We go to briefly speak to him before he left.


Music is a universal language that inspires people differently, others are inspired to perform and entertain whilst others are inspired to be a creative. What inspires you?

People inspire me. Making people happy through music, seeing people enjoy the music I play inspires me.

You started off as a DJ in Port  Elizabeth and you are one of the few products of the Nelson Mandela Bay who are not shy to remember where you come from and who mentions Port Elizabeth with pride, why is that?

I want to spread the PE word across. I want to challenge the country wide view and perception of Port Elizabeth. I want people to no longer view Port Elizabeth as a small city; I want people to view Port Elizabeth as a city that is capable of producing talented artists.

In the entertainment industry there are always comparisons. At times you’d find that the one DJ is compared to the next and the comparisons bring upon the expectation to be like the compared DJ. How have you sustained yourself as a DJ and not succumb o the external pressure?

I took a non conformist route. I decided not to be the next popular DJ but to be myself. I am not DJ Fresh or Euphonik, I am myself. I want to perfect my craft, be better and not be the next Euphonik or Fresh. I chose to be original and not to follow what the next person is doing.

Thank you so much for speaking to us for a brief moment. Do you perhaps have any last words for aspiring DJs?

Originality is key. Remain true to yourself and focus on building your brand.

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