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DJ Franky is a versatile commercial DJ that moves from one genre to the next. His versatility has made him known across the country attracting a wide spread of listeners to his music. We got to speak to him to find out more about his love of music, why he chose music instead of a standard 9-5 career and more.


You’ve opted to be a commercial DJ rather than a DJ tied down to one genre, why did you opt for the commercial route?

I play for the masses. Being stuck in one genre is not ideal for me. Commercial music is provocative, it gets the people going. I love keeping large crowds of people entertained and seeing them happy because of music and what I do.

Why music? Why not a 9-5 office job?

Music evolves and moves with the time. The evolution of music is exciting. My love for music started from when I was in primary school, I sang in the choir. As I grew up, I had the privilege of going to Sweden and Norway where I got further exposed to music. My experiences with music made me fall in love with music. I knew I was meant to entertain the masses through music. My wife and music are definitely my first love.

You’ve been on 5FM where you’ve created a Campus Mix for students. Is it safe to say that students are your target market or does it extend beyond that?

Like I said, I love entertaining the masses students included. I play commercial music to keep anyone and everyone entertained. MY target market is definitely restricted to students, it extends beyond that. Students react actively to you more than the older audience. Students tend to be forgotten when to comes to music, I want to keep everyone entertained including students.

In your view, how do you envision a world without music?

Music is responsible for the creation of life, memories are created by music and friends are made through music. The world cannot operate and function without music even in churches there is music. Music is essentially everywhere; a world without music would result in wars and the end of the world.

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