Women’s Success Reverse Psychology

She is beautiful, she is ambitious, she is successful, and she got her own. She commands respect whenever she walks into the room, she demands attention without having to say a single world yes this beautiful, and young black woman has made it in life. After many generations of seeing not only black women but women as a whole being reduced to just being what society perceives or believes is a woman’s role, homemaker, mother, wife and so forth. In the world we live in women have had a tough time being anything expect what society has chosen for them to be and we have seen women stand up for themselves and demand to be seen as equals to men. Feminist groups throughout the world came out and fought for the rights of women in this patriarchal society we live in.

Years later it seems that women really have received what they fought for which is to not be seen as potential equals in terms of intellectually and socially. Women have gone to achieve this goal so it seems as there is an increasing number of women who are climbing the corporate ladder and achieving greatness. We see these women in society everyday now in the 21st century in their luxury cars and Tuscan villas BUT there is something missing with this picture of perfection… love! Beautiful woman, successful and educate but not loved? How is this possible you ask?

The media being the main influence of how society perceives certain issues is main reason why we see the unhappy and successful independent lady. I found it interesting that the one woman who I thought would be for women having it all was Shonda Rhimes. She is the writer and creator of popular and very successful American series’ Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, The Fixer (Scandal) and mostly recently How to Get Away with Murder.

Rhimes being a black successful writer one would assume she would write stories were the females have it all instead she decided to go with the reality we are faced with, women who have it all are unhappy to a certain degree. In The Fixer we see the character of Olivia Pope who is a successful crisis management firm owner and a former communications manager of the White House. The character of Pope is of a woman who seems unhappy and has a “secret affair” with the President of The United States. In How to Get Away with Murder we see the character of Annalise Keating who is a successful defence attorney and a college lecturer, the character of Keating is also seemingly unhappy as she is in a loveless marriage and she even has a boyfriend on the side. In both these series’ the lead characters are played by black women and it just had me wondering, are black successful women really unhappy because they cannot have it all or do they threaten men? Or could this just be media backlash that black women are not ready to handle it “All”?

There is even the Black Entertainment (BET) series Being Mary Jane that focuses on the life of Mary Jane Paul a successful broadcast journalist who is struggling to find love and this has her depressed. The main themes that these women have are that they are black, successful, unhappy and single. They have these beautiful homes that they come home to but only a bottle of wine or vodka can keep them company at night.

I think we still live in a patriarchal society and men still hold the power in many predominate roles in society. Indeed women are recognised as “equals” so to say but in reality they cannot have the same “equality” as men because they need the men to be happy and fulfilled, well that is what the media is portraying to us and clearly Shonda Rhimes agrees with this reality that even though women have achieved greatness at the end of the day of biological needs are not the same as of the man. It is being said as women we are emotional and sensitive and we need a man to balance those emotions? I may not full agree with is but it is certainly what is being portrayed in our society.

The reality of the world we are living in today, women can be successful but they will not be equal to the men because they need men in order for them to be completely happy?

At the workplace the woman can rule but at home she will still be what her societal role has always been since the beginning of time. This is the sad truth we are being faced with, unfortunately. Can we really honestly say that women are fully and completely successful and independent? Did they really achieve being seeing as equals to men in all aspects? Or was it all just a mind game?

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