Social Media Crucifixion


In the past couple of weeks the social media was buzzing with all sorts of reactions when nude pictures of a young lady by the name of Pulane Lenkoe hit social media, the pictures were apparently leaked by her ex-boyfriend via a fake twitter account. The reaction of the whole social media world was very interesting, especially the reaction of the females. This girl was put under scrutiny and her whole body and private parts were on full view for the world to scrutinise and judge her. It came to my attention how harsh the world is and how everybody took part in this young ladies public humiliation. As a woman myself I actually felt sorry for this girl because it was not her fault, she did not post those pictures herself and she did not deserve the judgement and hate that came from people that do not even know her. Apparently she went from 400 followers to 30 000 followers in just a few days and even celebrities even followed her. This is very shocking to see how people react to the humiliation of another person. Pulane’s story is one of the many female stories that get all sorts of reactions from the public and the world just because her body was publicly splattered in the media. It has become a trend in contemporary society for people to feel like they have an opinion especially when it comes to the humiliation of another especially when it is a woman.

The objectification of the woman’s body is not anything new for centuries and centuries the body of a female has never really belonged to her. In South African history we know of Sara “Saartjie” Baartman who was famous due to her large buttocks and was exhibited at freak show attractions in France. This kind of public display of a human being is no different from the one Pulane went through and the likes of Kim Kardashian with her sex tape that made her famous. Basically women become famous when their naked bodies are exposed to the world and my question is why? Why are people so fascinated and obsessed with such? Is it because women are expected to uphold a certain standard in society when it comes to their bodies? What is so exciting about a female body that when it is made public to the world people feel a certain way, even to the extent of passing judgement and negative comments.

The saying that says “the female body is an object that belongs to everyone but the woman herself” is nothing but true. After centuries of what Sara Baartman went through in the 1700’s females in society today still undergo the same harassment and humiliation and it would be easily understood if it came from men but it is more sad when it comes from females. There is still a lot of judgement amongst women instead of supportiveness. Some may argue why she sent those pictures to her boyfriend which is not of any matter because the pictures where sent privately and not for her boyfriend to share with the world. Her human rights were violated and she was crucified by the social media community when she needed compassion.

As women we still have a long way to go in terms of having each other’s backs, and in today’s society it is not becoming any easier. In all aspects women still receive a lot of backlash in society even from other women and the journey is still long for women to stand together.

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