Social Media: The Breeding Ground For A Narcissistic Generation

Many words come to mind when the word narcissism comes into play; vanity, self conceitedness, egotistic, self regard and self love to name but a few. In further understanding what the word narcissism means we need to know its origin. A story of Narcissus in the Greek Mythology tells us of a man who was so obsessed with his beauty, to an extent were he would sit by the river bank and admire himself the entire time.

Bringing back the focus to the world today we can identify with narcissism in a new modern self-obsession term called the “selfie”. For those who do not know what a selfie is (you probably live under a rock) but I will explain. A selfie is a photograph that one takes of oneself with ones cell phone or webcam and shares on social media for people to see.

This new form of vanity can be seen as a new way to make social media entertaining. Famous people who are self-absorbed are the main driving forces behind this new “selfie generation”. We have celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who is not shy at all to show the world her obvious obsession with herself, she even has a selfie book coming out soon which will show a decade of her selfies (Yikes!). Almost the entire world follows and comments on Kim Kardashian’s social media pages whether it’s negative or positive at the end of the day she still becomes famous due to the attention she gets.

All of this for the media world has to do with consumerism at the end of the day, it is all about getting the numbers up and receiving more revenue for their businesses, even though it is at the expense of creating a generation that is self-involved and parroting what they are forced to believe is “the hip” thing on their television screens and cell phones.

At a young age are kids exposed to what is “acceptable” and “normal” in society based on what they are forced to see on television. From children channels such as the Disney channel were most of the young stars grow up to become  sex symbols. Due to the fact that young kids grow up watching these stars from a young age they get a feeling of normality with what there “grown up” stars have become.

The media is breeding a youth that cannot think for themselves but due to world popularity of what is “cool and trending” they follow the narcissistic nature created to benefit only the rich and famous at the end of the day. We become so obsessed with taking selfies in the car, gym, and even while pretending to be sleeping because we seeing certain celebrities doing it but at the end of the day they on a payroll and the rest of the world just helps them become richer by imitating them. This new breed of vanity forces the new generation to be lazy thinkers because it is easier to do what’s cool as seen on Instagram.

The sad part of the “selfie generation” is behind the selfies and the pouting and 100 likes, there lies a generation of teenagers with low self esteem, depression and anxiety issues but because of our self-conceitedness we would rather show the so called “perfection” that the media imposes on the young generation rather than the real pressing issues the young generation suffer from.

This is a snowball effect that is only becoming bigger and bigger and we can only but look at our own reflections in the lake and decide if we want that “pout perfection” or to look away at our own reflections.

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