No Shoes Week

SuperEd is a society started by education students a few years back to address and help with socio-economic problems that communities face on a daily basis, that usually prevent young people from succeeding with their studies from low grades up to tertiary level.

For the past few years they have been hosting a no shoes day but this year they took a leap of faith and made it a week instead of just one day!

They hosted a no shoes week between the 9-13March 2015. Encouraging students to come to campus barefoot for an entire week as an initiative to raise awareness and sympathize with hundreds of students who still in this era travel long distances from home to school with no shoes especially in the rural areas of our country.

Students were asked to donate shoes. Boxes where placed near common areas, the Library, Clinic and Rec Center.  These will be later given to a charity organisation which will distribute them further.

The SuperEd members would spend one hour during lunch taking pictures of all the students taking part on this initiative.

I really liked this because it encourages a culture of giving which interrelates to one of NMMU’S core values“Ubuntu”.

Students making a changing in the community, realising that we don’t have to wait until we have pay cheques to make a difference.

no shoes day

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