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By: Nosipho Kewuti

Port Elizabeth – The Womb Stewardship organization held its launch on Friday the 12 of October at the Feather Market hall in Port Elizabeth.

The launch was filled with so much love, praises and a lot of performances from one of Port Elizabeth’s biggest bands, ‘Grace SA’ (which was also releasing their debut album titled Breakthrough) and the ‘We Will Worship’ group. The launch’s main focus was preaching about purity and self-love not only to women, but to men as well.

One of the speakers, Mrs. Margo Scholtz, who was speaking on the issue of encouraging purity until marriage, stated that the media has played a huge role on how the youth views the world today. Talking about how half-naked women have become a norm in South African media, especially magazines and music videos that are full of half-naked women. She also mentioned that with ‘Womb Stewardship’ they are hoping that they will be able to make women realize that their bodies are worth much more. “Women need to let their boyfriends know that they do not get husband privileges”, she said in closing. 

The Womb Stewardship started as an idea by Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula a few years back, after she saw how women were slowly losing their identity and dignity. While trying to restore that, she decided to launch the organization with the slogan ‘we live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity’. When asked what she was hoping to achieve with the organization, Dr Ngcakani-Ncula replied, “We want people to be aware that their bodies could not be just used anyhow, there is more to our bodies than just this piece of flesh between the thighs”.

Dr Ngcakani-Ncula further explained that even though their profile stated that they wanted people to stay pure, even those who had gone astray, were more than welcome to be part of the organization. These are the people we want to work with more because they have a testimony”, she said in closing. 

Tops Wine Show

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth – Thursday 26 July marked the day of the Tops Wine Show at the Boardwalk Convention Centre and Madibaz Radio had the privilege of being part of the prestigious event.

The event lasted for a full four hours from 17:00 until 21:00 pm with tons of great wine and food stalls that each had amazing products to show off.

On entrance, each guest was given a glass coupon and could then taste any wine of their choice. They were also given the option to buy their desired bottle of wine after they had tasted and gained a liking for it.

When we spoke to the guests who were there, they all shared a similar sense of excitement and enjoyment. They spoke highly of the event and also mentioned that they loved the fact that there was a big variety of drinks, not only focusing on wine but on brandy and sherry too. One of the guests that we spoke to explained that it was her first time at a wine tasting event and she enjoyed every minute of it! She also told us how exciting it was tasting different types of wine and learning more about what she drank. “It’s amazing because I drink so much wine, but I never knew where it came from or how it was even made. This experience showed me a different side to all wine and now I feel [like] I know a lot more than I did when I walked in here”, she concluded.

The representatives of Madibaz Radio visited every single stall and were very intrigued. All of the stalls were amazing and were very informative. Each stall knew their products very well and were able to answer every question thrown their way. The two stalls that we were most fond of were: Blaawklippen and Douglas Green.

  • Blaawklippen:

According to their website, Blaawklippen is one of South Africa’s oldest wine estates and produce award-winning wine. They don’t only focus on wine, but also make brandy, gin, bubbly and a whole range of other popular beverages. On the day of the wine show however, they only brought their brandy collection, which was the main reason why they stood out among the rest.

The reason we were so intrigued by this stall was because of their presentation and of course, the great taste of their brandy. We spoke to a gentleman named Fanie Fourie who explained everything to us in detail; mainly how the brandy was made and why it had such a different taste. We tasted the normal one and another sweet dessert one. To find more information about Blaawklippen, you can visit their page ( and their social media pages (@Blaawklippen).

  • Douglas Green:

Douglas Green is a winery from the Western Cape but also makes various sherry. They came to the tasting with their sherry which was made all the way from Spain. They had a cream, medium dry and pale cream sherry which tasted amazing. “Their sherry had a unique taste; it wasn’t too sweet and was very smooth. I’ve always been skeptical of drinking sherry, but this made me strongly reconsider”, said Triss Msabane, Madibaz Radio photographer.

Their website address is for more information.

Overall, the experience was sublime and extremely informative. Everyone who attended left with a couple of bought bottles and a better understanding of their favorite drinks, and were more than willing to go back the next evening since the tasting went on for three days.



By: Sidima Mfeku

Port Elizabeth– Nelson Mandela Bay’s ward 4 ANC Councillor, Mr Ayanda Tyokwana expressed his gratitude and honour towards the various stakeholders that gave back to  Walmer township community during the course of Mandela month [July].

Councillor Tyokwana applauded the efforts taken by different private organisations that took the initiative in helping to eradicate poverty in Walmer township.

“As walmer community we are grateful to have benefited from Nelson Mandela’s 67 minutes and the entire month in general”. Tyokwana said.

Tyokwana said as a collective they hope the sponsorships will change the lives of the impoverished Walmer township residents.

The community of Walmer township received various donations from numerous organisations, including the re-painting of Walmer Primary School.

The community also saw visits from Dameline College students who donated snacks to John Masiza Primary School pupils as part of the 67 minutes’ initiative in celebration of the Nelson Mandela legacy.

A variety of free services were provided to the community including: Feeding schemes, cleaning initiatives, blanket donations and home of safety food donations.

Councillor Tyokwana described that, since he took office in 2017, he realized a lot of work had to be done to improve the community, including youth building and development.

“when I was elected as a Councillor in this community I had the opportunity to correct some of the issues that I deemed challenging and done incorrectly, therefore i established a youth forum called Gqebera Youth Movement (GYM)”

The Councillor alluded the exceptional work done by GYM as they take matters of social development upon themselves and not solely depend on government.

“Drugs and alcohol abuse is a rife challenge because there is a lack in sustainable activities involving the youth and through the Gqeberha Youth Movement [GYM] the future is bright, we will have sustainable programmes through music, arts, entertainment, sports, and education”. Described ANC Councillor Tyokwana.

The issue of drugs, alcohol abuse and crime is one of the overarching challenges the community comes across on a daily basis.

The Land is Ours

By: Ntombifuthi Blose

Port Elizabeth- The Land is Ours: South Africa’s first Black Lawyers and the Birth of Constitution Book launch hosted by the Department of Sociology, Anthropology incl. Hist (CriSHET) and the Faculty of Law launched on Wednesday, 16 May 2018 at the Nelson Mandela University, North Campus Auditorium.

The opening of the ceremony was proceeded by the Vice Chancellor Professor Sibongile Muthwa, thanking all of those who made it to the talk. This included international professors from the UK, Sweden and Brazil who travelled all the way to be part of the book launch by Advocate Thembeka Ngcukaitobi. The speakers of the evening were Professor Nomalanga Mkhize as well as an audience discussion and Ngcukaitobi.

The talk was centred around how Africans need to decolonise their minds against colonial thinking and emphasised the importance of Pan-Africanism to strengthen the youth’s independence, political and economic development and cooperation. Pan- Africanism is an ideology that unifies the people of Africa and the diaspora. The book is about the first black lawyers of the nineteenth and twentieth century in South Africa in a time of belligerent colonial development.

Adv Thembeka Ngcukaitobi said that it was important to place Port Elizabeth to launch the book because this signified colonialism by the names still used for towns and cities including PE. He further made a statement saying “colonialism is gone but it still lives on in our names, language and how the education system does not tell our African history, the way black people know it”.

After the speeches there was a book signing by Ngcukaitobi.

The book is available at Van Schaik book shop.

NMU future economists visit Coega IDZ

By: Esethu Matetu

Economics is the social science that examines how individuals, businesses and entire societies manage scarce resources. Resources are, by nature, limited. The Nelson Mandela University Economics students took a field trip to Coega IDZ on Wednesday. The trip was indeed a success, students were very excited and seeing a promising future in the career path they are in.

What made the trip more exciting and successful is the fact that it was organised by a 3rd year Economics student Asanda Koyo, who worked along with Thembinkosi Maduna from Coega IDZ. Mr Maduma was the tour guide and took his time to explain more about the field.

The field trip was eye-opening to the students since they learned more about what they are studying and that there is more to economics than they know. ‘I learnt that there is a greater side of economics, or rather more practical side of it. How everything starts from scratch – it’s like building a house, setting up a good foundation…with all the work you learn in University being a guideline. Then the execution part – putting pieces of a puzzle together, bringing about employment structures in order to uplift economic standing’, said Sibongokuhle Klass, 3rd year Diploma in Economics student.

When the students got there they met Mr Samuel who is an Economist who graduated from the University of Johannesburg in Financial Economics, and was a lecture before coming to Coega IDZ. Mr Samuel explained to them what they do in their department, he said that they focus more in market research and attract investors and advise them. He further prepared the students about the challenges they will meet once they are economists and unfortunately was not with them throughout the rest of the tour.

As Mr Maduna was showing them around, he mentioned that they have about 14 zones at Coega but only managed to take the students to 5 of them.

Economics is very important to society and this excursion made the students look forward to their future. “This trip exceeded my expectations. Initially, I had such limited knowledge regarding the world of economics and its applications outside the classroom, but today I got a brief glimpse into its broader usage in real life’’, said economic student, Thanduxolo Piliso.

Societies: Why you should join one

A society refers to a group of individuals broadly distinguished from others on the basis of shared interests, occupation, characteristics, goals and even a common culture. Societies play a huge role in human development and the following article explores the importance of societies and why you should join one.

Varsity is a diverse environment that gives us the opportunity to sharpen our skills, develop our potential and it becomes a crucial aspect of our lives when it comes to finding ourselves and forming our identities. The Nelson Mandela University has numerous societies ranging from Professional, Religious, Arts and Culture, Politics and LGBTIQ Rights to name a few and choosing one that speaks to you is key.

For me, the main purpose of a society is to create a safe space and sense of belonging to its members and that is a necessity in varsity where you can easily feel isolated and overwhelmed. That safe space and sense of belonging is achieved through socializing with people who have the same interests and even share the same sentiments as you.

We come to varsity to seek our purpose and what we are meant to do in this life, you can also find your purpose by joining a society, since they are also formed to bring about change and create awareness on certain topics and there’s nothing more rewarding like seeing the impact and change a society brings to your life and the lives of others. Societies also open doors for personal growth and the diversity within them enables one to learn about topics and other life aspects that seemed foreign before.

We live in a world that has a tendency to conform to social norms and those unwritten social rules and that also comes with a tendency of diminishing the value of concepts we don’t understand. Representation is key in societies as they are diverse and they advocate for the underdogs and outcasts. We have societies that fight for the rights and inclusion of women and the LQBTIQ community.

Teamwork makes the dream work and that is where the importance of societies lie, they are these spaces filled with individuals who share the same goal and vision. Joining one might help with personal growth, bringing change and even making lifelong friends in the process.

By: Andisile Klaas

Mr and Miss Freshette 2018

Port Elizabeth- The Nelson Mandela University (NMU) hosted its annual Mr and Miss Freshette beauty pageant. The audience came out in numbers to see celebrities and celebrate with the new first year ambassadors. 

It was all glitz and glam at the Indoor Sports Center at NMU South Campus last week, where the university held its first year pageant. Hundreds of scholars, parents and supporters filled up the center, looking lavish in their themed outfits of ‘Wakanda’. The show was hosted by the beautiful and talented actress Phindile Gwala, known to most as Nonny from Muvhango.

The dance group ‘Baseline’ opened the show with a very emotional performance, that gradually moved on to being very lively and energetic. When Justin, the leader of the group spoke to Madibaz Radio, he explained how nerve wrecking it was waiting backstage, but all of those nerves disappeared when they stepped out onto the stage. “The crowd always exceeds our expectations and this time they were screaming throughout the entire performance, which really boosted our confidence. We really look forward to performing at NMU again, just to hear the crowd scream that loudly”.

We then spoke to Tahle Mbambaza, Miss Freshette 2017, just to ask her how her experience was as the first year ambassador the previous year, her face lit up immediately as soon as she spoke about her year of reign. She described her experience as a very exciting one, filled with a lot of learning curves and meeting very influential people. She stated that NMU opened a lot of doors for her and helped her gain a lot of confidence. Since the year she had won, was her first pageant, she was grateful for being given a chance and the benefit-of-the-doubt that she was worthy of such a title. The advice she gave Miss Freshette 2018 was: “Don’t lose track of yourself, and do not follow the wave; but create your own.”

The Master of Ceremonies, Phindile was also very excited to be at NMU and explained that it was her first time. She was very humbled by the crowd’s response and, in her own words, “felt like she was in Hollywood”. She fed off the crowd’s energy and thus became extremely energetic herself. As for her and her career, she told Madibaz Radio that she will stop acting on screen and pursue her dream of being in theater. She also told us that her and her husband are in the process of opening a production company, which is where most of her energy will be put in. Phindile would gladly come back to NMU if given the chance.

The contestants looked absolutely breadth-taking and walked with pride and confidence. It was really difficult trying to guess who would take the title because they all had equal strengths. There was no obvious choice, because each contestant could’ve taken it.

Things were done a bit differently this time round because there was no top ten, instead a top thirteen, with six girls and seven guys.

The crowd went absolutely crazy when personal favorite Jason Jacobs would walk on the ramp. He had the biggest following, which was no surprise when he won Mr Personality and Mr Viewers Choice.

The winners of the ultimate prize were Sino Kwanini and Baphi Mabenge. When we interviewed them both, they shared she same amount of shock and gratitude. Since these titles are very big and come with a lot of responsibilities, they are both ready to represent the first years with pride. They mentioned how exciting the entire experience was and also how much they learnt from it. They swore that they would embrace the values of the university in their everyday lives and would gladly take any challenges thrown at them without any hesitation.

The after party was the event that most people were looking forward to, with an incredible line-up dominated by South Africa’s best national acts. There were the likes of Mobi Dixon, Busiswa, Frank Casino and Dj Milkshake. Mobi Dixon mentioned that he looked forward to being at NMU and being in front of the crowd. He also explained that he still gets nervous every time and that night was no different. All he had to do was feed off the energy from the crowd and he did just that!

The lists of all the winners is as follows:

Girls Top 6:

1- Asemahle Swana

5- Sino Kwanini

7- Ntokozo Mzimkhulu

8- Luciana Baatjies

9- Sinethemba Majokazi

10- Asiphumeze Nkula

Guys Top 7:

2 – Kwanele Bhudana

3- Liselani Ndiza

4- Yoneza Luphondwana

5- Khanya Sokutu

8- Jason Jacobs

9- Lwazi Gilman

12- Baphi Mabenge

Miss Personality- Jerolyn Pieterson

Mr Personality – Jason Jacobs

Miss Viewers Choice- Asemahle Swana

Mr Viewers Choice – Jason Jacobs

2nd Prince – Yoneza Luphondwana

2nd Princess – Luciana Baatjies

1st Prince – Liselani Ndiza

1st Princess – Asemahle Swana

Mr Freshette 2018 – Baphi Mabenge

Miss Freshette 2018- Sino Kwanini

By: Zenani Mhlongo