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Financial aid shut down at NMU

By Sidima Mfeku

Nelson Mandela University has on Wednesday been shutdown by students and SASCO leaders. SASCO’s Glaude Quvane Branch led a protest action against the university’s closing down of registration while some students have not registered.

The university’s STUDENTS’ ACCOUNTS department has been closed by students demanding that all unregistered students be registered immediately and that the university management responsible for Financial aid to address the protesting students directly and not through SASCO or the SRC.

Branch chairperson and NMUs south campus Premier Vuyokazi Gwam said the university should make a way for students to register as the university is approaching recess

“We are here because its march now, and we are approaching recess, students are not registered, Gwam said.

Gwam added that “The reasons to this are not clear, we have engaged with the university management and have been meeting with these people but there is nothing concrete coming out of that”.

The students have taken the protest action to all entrances into the university, barricading the entrances with tree branches and road barricades.

SASCOs Claude Quvane Branch chairperson said they do not want anyone else, except for the director of Student accounts Mr Ken Scholtz.

“We have been given Mr Ncapayi to speak to us and we are not here for him, we want Ken” Gwam said, Scholtz “has been going on sick leaves, as if we are not sick. “We are being made sick by this university” she added.

At the protest, DVC for Institutional Support Mr Lebogang Hashatse said He was not in a position to offer any reply at yet. He said the university is finding a way to respond to the students grievances.  


Nkcubeko Qhayiyalethu Silinga – who most of us know as Que, studied Public Relations & Corporate Communications. She stared working at Madibaz Radio right at its inception in 2014. Que had high aspirations for her career so naturally she applied for the most highest ranking position there was available. Having gone through the interview process she unfortunately did not get the post, but Mr. Makapela offered her any other slot that she desired, and she chose to be a Radio Personality.

This brought to existence what we know as The Hitlist, a concept by ‘your favourite letter’. Que presented the show from 2014 to 2015 with a couple of co-host Mmeli Notsh, Crème De la Pam and many more. She went on to take a lifestyle show to gain as much radio experience as possible and learn how to be diverse. Given that she has a P.R. background she was part of the  teams spearheading projects such as SaniTeens and Dream girls. At the 2015 Student Media awards (then Madibaz Radio awards ceremony) Ncubeko was nominated for an All rounder award alongside Sanelisiwe Owethu Ntabeni, also known as Dabs and subsequently won. Leaving a standing record of being the only person to be a recipient of the award to date. In 2016 she hosted DT46, the drive time show with Hlubi Zibi and Roger. Eventually Nkcubeko left the station at the end of 2016 where she was placed at Keith Ngesi radio based in East London.

whatsapp image 2019-01-14 at 14.15.05

“I honestly learnt a lot at Madibaz radio, and it truly set the pace for everything else that I actively do and my ambitions thereafter. Working for a successful online campus radio station put me in a great position to understand the online space and where radio is ultimately going in future and equally equipped me for traditional frequency radio”, she said.

She is now based in Johannesburg, still pursuing radio but as a freelancing voice over artist. She says that she would honestly advise that anyone who wants to pursue a career in radio start at campus level and not be afraid to fail. The platform is there, so one must take advantage. “Reading is the only way you are going to have impelling content. Also be kind, you never know who is watching or listening to your show. It could be a person who is going to give you your big break”, she concluded.

Catching up with Ongi

By Simamkele Mazondwa

Meet Ongezwa Mafunda, former news reader and voice over artist at Madibaz Radio. Ongi speaks about how she was introduced to Madibaz Radio and how life has been after gaining radio broadcast experience.

Who is Ongezwa Mafunda?

Ongezwa Mafunda is a young female who comes all the way from the dusty streets of Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. “Immediately after finishing high school I relocated to study Media & Communication at Nelson Mandela University. I never thought I’d work in the broadcast and entertainment industry because due to my personality, I am mostly an introvert, lacked the ‘cool’ factor and had no background of subjects in high school or anything of that nature which may have been related to the industry”.

Why did you choose to work at Madibaz Radio if you were shy?

“I saw a post through social networks about which mentioned that Madibaz Radio was holding auditions to start off this new online campus radio station. I thought twice about doing it but the fact that I was doing Media and Communications made me realise at some point I might need a place to grow my confidence and realised Madibaz Radio might give me that platform, and the rest is history”.

Ongezwa Mafunda, a Madibaz Radio alumni

What were your responsibilities?

“It’s actually funny because I auditioned to become a Radio presenter but it didn’t work out. Eventually I ended up in the news department as a news reader.  My job was to translate English news to Afrikaans I was also able to read them in both languages. As time went by I saw my confidence growing and I kept getting better. That led to me doing voice overs including co-presenting an afternoon show at the time called In between the Lines”.


 What did you learn from working at Madibaz Radio?

“Working at the station taught me push myself and work hard to refine my skill. Being a voice over artist and News Reader allowed me to think beyond where I am and work hard to push myself forward. I learnt to speak well which is now very helpful when it comes to dealing with clients”.

What are you currently doing?

“I am now a freelance voiceover artist and I work in a digital marketing industry as a Google Specialist and Campaign manager”.

What do you hope to gain in future with the experienced you received at Madibaz Radio?

“I’d love to grow as Google Specialist and grow as voiceover artist. Hopefully one day I will do voice over for global brands”.




Dignified end to a successful 2018

By Vuyolwethu Mpongwana

The 2018 Annual Student Media Awards were took place at the North Campus Conference Centre. Madibaz Radio together with Madibaz News were treated to a night of glitz and glam, fine dining and entertainment to close off a fruitful 2018.Pablo 2

Guests were treated to performances by some of the talented staff members from Madibaz Radio. Not only were staff members awarded certificates for their diligence and their respective contributions to the Radio and News department, it was also a chance for all to let loose and look good doing it too, with the theme being strictly formal. This young group of creatives were encouraged to maintain high broadcast standards, professionalism and overall, a sense of pride in the work they produce. ” We have been blessed to make it this far, considering all the challenges that we have come across. “In the new year, I would like to challenge management of  both entities to increase their market share to 50%  of the student population and increase income generated by marketing and sales initiatives”, said the station manager.

The categories for the awards ceremony for Madibaz Radio were best programming newcomer, best presenter, best producer, best newsreader, show of the year as well as the people’s choice award taken from their respective departments; Sports Department, Music Department, Marketing Department and Programming Department. Whilst the categories for Madibaz news were Editor of the year, Journalist of the year, Graphic Designer of the year, Photographer of the year and Videographer of the year. Also awarded was the campaign of the year which went to The Book drive spearheaded by Anesipho Makina, Phumela Kondile and Tumisho Noto.

The winners were as follows;

Best Sport Newcomer: Charles Mkhize People’s Choice News Reader: Lelona Fumba
Best music compiler: Akho Mhlati People’s Choice Producer Tumisho Noto
Best Newcomer Presenter:Tumisho Noto People’s Choice Presenter: Max Onke Sotshongaye
ExtraTime Sport show of Year: ExtraTime on Weekends Producer of the year: Tumishang Shirinde
Show of the year: Rise Again Presenter of the year: Thato Moshesh
Most Improved music Compiler: Phila Dyasi Sport analyst of year: Athi Mayinje
News Reader of the year: Lelona Fumba Sport Producer of the Year: Zama Baleni
People’s choice: Best compiler: Siphesihle Gxotani Sport Presenter of the year: Charles Mkhize



By: Nosipho Kewuti

Port Elizabeth – The Womb Stewardship organization held its launch on Friday the 12 of October at the Feather Market hall in Port Elizabeth.

The launch was filled with so much love, praises and a lot of performances from one of Port Elizabeth’s biggest bands, ‘Grace SA’ (which was also releasing their debut album titled Breakthrough) and the ‘We Will Worship’ group. The launch’s main focus was preaching about purity and self-love not only to women, but to men as well.

One of the speakers, Mrs. Margo Scholtz, who was speaking on the issue of encouraging purity until marriage, stated that the media has played a huge role on how the youth views the world today. Talking about how half-naked women have become a norm in South African media, especially magazines and music videos that are full of half-naked women. She also mentioned that with ‘Womb Stewardship’ they are hoping that they will be able to make women realize that their bodies are worth much more. “Women need to let their boyfriends know that they do not get husband privileges”, she said in closing. 

The Womb Stewardship started as an idea by Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula a few years back, after she saw how women were slowly losing their identity and dignity. While trying to restore that, she decided to launch the organization with the slogan ‘we live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity’. When asked what she was hoping to achieve with the organization, Dr Ngcakani-Ncula replied, “We want people to be aware that their bodies could not be just used anyhow, there is more to our bodies than just this piece of flesh between the thighs”.

Dr Ngcakani-Ncula further explained that even though their profile stated that they wanted people to stay pure, even those who had gone astray, were more than welcome to be part of the organization. These are the people we want to work with more because they have a testimony”, she said in closing. 

Tops Wine Show

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth – Thursday 26 July marked the day of the Tops Wine Show at the Boardwalk Convention Centre and Madibaz Radio had the privilege of being part of the prestigious event.

The event lasted for a full four hours from 17:00 until 21:00 pm with tons of great wine and food stalls that each had amazing products to show off.

On entrance, each guest was given a glass coupon and could then taste any wine of their choice. They were also given the option to buy their desired bottle of wine after they had tasted and gained a liking for it.

When we spoke to the guests who were there, they all shared a similar sense of excitement and enjoyment. They spoke highly of the event and also mentioned that they loved the fact that there was a big variety of drinks, not only focusing on wine but on brandy and sherry too. One of the guests that we spoke to explained that it was her first time at a wine tasting event and she enjoyed every minute of it! She also told us how exciting it was tasting different types of wine and learning more about what she drank. “It’s amazing because I drink so much wine, but I never knew where it came from or how it was even made. This experience showed me a different side to all wine and now I feel [like] I know a lot more than I did when I walked in here”, she concluded.

The representatives of Madibaz Radio visited every single stall and were very intrigued. All of the stalls were amazing and were very informative. Each stall knew their products very well and were able to answer every question thrown their way. The two stalls that we were most fond of were: Blaawklippen and Douglas Green.

  • Blaawklippen:

According to their website, Blaawklippen is one of South Africa’s oldest wine estates and produce award-winning wine. They don’t only focus on wine, but also make brandy, gin, bubbly and a whole range of other popular beverages. On the day of the wine show however, they only brought their brandy collection, which was the main reason why they stood out among the rest.

The reason we were so intrigued by this stall was because of their presentation and of course, the great taste of their brandy. We spoke to a gentleman named Fanie Fourie who explained everything to us in detail; mainly how the brandy was made and why it had such a different taste. We tasted the normal one and another sweet dessert one. To find more information about Blaawklippen, you can visit their page ( and their social media pages (@Blaawklippen).

  • Douglas Green:

Douglas Green is a winery from the Western Cape but also makes various sherry. They came to the tasting with their sherry which was made all the way from Spain. They had a cream, medium dry and pale cream sherry which tasted amazing. “Their sherry had a unique taste; it wasn’t too sweet and was very smooth. I’ve always been skeptical of drinking sherry, but this made me strongly reconsider”, said Triss Msabane, Madibaz Radio photographer.

Their website address is for more information.

Overall, the experience was sublime and extremely informative. Everyone who attended left with a couple of bought bottles and a better understanding of their favorite drinks, and were more than willing to go back the next evening since the tasting went on for three days.