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Gospel Awards

Port Elizabeth- The Nelson Mandela Bay held its very first Gospel Music Awards on the 21st October, held at the Nangoza Jebe in New Brighton. The event was of a high level, from the red carpet, people looking amazing, to the performances from the choir and the artists as well. 

The main idea behind these awards was to give recognition to the local artists who worked tirelessly spreading the word of God. Talking with one of the nominees from the red carpet, Bukiwe Zigweyi who said that “I am very happy about the awards, because that simply means as artists we no longer have to go to other provinces, Gauteng to be specific in order to get recognition”. Bukiwe was one of the nominees for the Best New Comer.

One of the people who have attended the awards is a legend in the music industry,  Sizwe Zako. Zako has worked with different artists in the industry, producing music for artists such as Rebecca Malope and Vuyo Mokeana to name few. Zako explained how happy he is that finally Eastern Cape has its own Gospel Awards, saying the fact that people or musicians had to move to Jo-burg in order to get recognition had always bothered him, but now that there is awards he has hope that greater things are yet to come to the city.

The awards started at 5pm with the opening performance from the choir that made the whole house to feel the presence of the spirit. After the performance artists were awarded starting from Best Male artist which was taken by Sebenzile Hlafani. Then it move to Best Gospel Group, which was taken by St Johns Choir. Soon after Mzimeni Menti delivered his performance. The awarding continued with Best Female artist, taken by SD Marhawu, and then the Best Male award taken by Zukile Matshaya. Speaking with him after he took his award, Mr Matshaya, explained how happy he was to get the award and thanked his fans who had voted for him. Mr Matshaya said “I didn’t expect to get this award, but now that I have it, this will keep me going and I am very much grateful to God for the talent He gave me”.

The choir was on stage again, delivering its best performance. The award continued on the Best Supporting Church and the Empowerment Church took the award. Pastor Xhalabile took the award of Best Gospel Supporter. After that award it came to the most valued award of the night, which was given to Mr Sizwe Zako, the Honour Award. Best praise song was taken by Mzimeni Menti, Best Worship song by Sinethemba Mjuza. Before the event come to an end with one last award to be called, the founder of the Nelson Mandela Bay Gospel Awards, Mr Khumbulani Qekema was called on stage. Mr Qekema explained how tough the journey was into making sure that these awards become a success, saying with many challenges and having a tough time in finding sponsors, but he managed to pull through and he is very grateful to God for giving him the strength and a very hard working team.

When he was about to step down, he urged people to always fight to make their dreams become a reality as he, himself had a dream of making gospel awards in PE since he was a child, and he worked hard in making that dream a reality. He said people should work with what they have, and not depend or wait for help from someone else.

Mr Qekema stepped down and the last award was called, which was Best gospel song award and that was taken by Thembelani Mbilini and then he closed off with his song titled Noah. 


Nosipho Keuti



Port Elizabeth- Police have arrested a 49-year-old woman for allegedly making false claims about a three-month old baby being abducted by three men, in a black BMW on Monday. The 49-year-old woman appeared in Motherwell magistrate’s court on Thursday.

During court proceedings the state maintained, that false claims about the abduction of the newborn baby is a serious offense, and that bail of R2000 is simply too minimal for the charges that the accused is facing.

The state further argued that the SAPS made use of all necessary resources to locate the missing child, when the accused knew the exact whereabouts of the child.

In defense of the accused, it was argued that bail of R1000 would be a permissible fine for the false claim.

The magistrate came to the decision that bail would be granted at R1000.

The accused is due to appear in court on 29th of June at 8am, as the case is still under further investigation.

According to police spokesperson Captain Andre Beetge said: “After three days of intensive investigation by the specialist investigating officers of the Motherwell SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS Unit), a breakthrough was made on Wednesday 14th June after discovering that the case that was reported, was in fact false.”

“The real biological mother of the 3month old baby, who is 22 years old was identified and questioned. It was discovered that there existed a foster parent arrangement between the two ladies without following the legal prescribed routes. The was a disagreement within the arrangement which then led the accused to open a false case report”

In a statement after the court proceedings, the ex-husband of the accused, Mzukisi Maclein explained that he was not satisfied with the bail verdict.

“I am very hurt and unpleased with the bail verdict, as what she did was very illegal and deserving of jail time”.

The disgruntled ex-husband further added that, during their marriage there were too many grievances and disputes.

“What she is here for, is nothing new to me. She had an affair during our marriage with a police officer, so this doesn’t come as a shock to me.”

Maclein also alluded that the accused filed numerous court interdicts against him during their divorce, concluding with claims that the accused stole the child.

Thembeka Nyarashe, sister of the accused said that they are still unclear of where the baby was born as the accused had claimed that she had given birth at Livingstone hospital, of which records show that is false.

“We went to Dora Nginza and Livingstone hospital to verify the birth, but records of her giving birth there were not found”

The Department of Social Work Services has intervened with this matter and have the 3 month-old baby in their possession.The court case is due to resume on 29th of June at Motherwell magistrate court.

By Lwando Nomoyi


With the recent increase of gender-based violence against women and children. The South African Police Service launched a Child Protection Awareness Week against child abuse and human trafficking.

The awareness week against child abuse began from 28 May and will conclude on Sunday 4 June. Child protection week commenced a march on Monday, which consisted of numerous schools around Port Elizabeth to raise awareness to stop abuse against women and children.

Today saw the Police Service embark on an awareness programme for the pre-schoolers of Children of Mary’s Edu-care centre in Sydenham. The awareness programme aimed to educating the toddlers, aged around 3 to 5 years old, on safety rules and procedures to follow in order to stay safe and report any criminal activity they might come across.

The key essential points of safety, were to inform the kids not to play with things that can hurt them such as fireworks, candles, guns and knives. Furthermore, to not take any money, gifts or sweets from strangers and lastly to always tell and inform your parent or guardian of your whereabouts.

Mount road Police station, Captain Sandra van Rensburg said, “Children protection week goes beyond a week of awareness and should be the main concern to focus on the safety of children against child abuse.” Captain Van Rensburg further stated that the children should not be afraid to report any criminality against them and to trust the police service.

A volunteer of the victim support centre, Michelle Liston stated that, “Raising awareness of safety among the children is vital in these trying times around the country and they should trust in the police in whatever they need assistance with.”

The young vibrant and enthusiastic pre-schoolers were filled with much joy as the police force together with the community donated toys and colouring books to the Edu-care centre, along with a sweet filled box of Easter eggs. Showing great appreciation as they received these gifts, the little ones sang the National anthem and thanked the community and police force for the wonderful and aspiring awareness program.

The Police service continues with the child protection week against women and children abuse until Sunday the 4 June. Tomorrow will see the police service host another awareness programme at The door of good hope, a children’s home in Sydenham to donate toys and continue to raise awareness within the community.

By: Lwando Nomoyi

NMB artists to march to the city hall next week

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The Nelson Mandela Bay artists will march to the City Hall in Port Elizabeth on the 24th of May to submit their memorandum of demands to the municipality. This march is aimed at demonstrating the challenges that the artists are facing, including finances.

One of the organizers of the march, Mongezi Ncwadi (37), says that as artists, they are seen only as entertainers and that they are not taken seriously by the municipality. He says that they cannot even make a living out of the beautiful art work that they produce because there is insufficient support and recognition from the government.

These artists say that their payment for Iphulo Performing Festival which was held at the Port Elizabeth Oprah House from 21st to 25th of March was delayed. Ncwadi says that they went to the Oprah House to ask what was going on with their payment and they were told that the municipality was at fault.

They decided to go to the Nelson Mandela Bay Arts Council – a structure which was established in 2014 to deal with art related issues in the metro. However, when they met with the council, and in addition discussed other unresolved issues in the industry – they then resolved that they will draft all the problems that they have experienced and submit them to the municipality.

Asked about why they chose to do this in a way of a march, Ncwadi said that they have engaged meetings trying to address their issues but unfortunately, they were never successful. He said they want the public to see that the art industry is suffering and that they need to be supported so that the industry can grow.

Mongezi Ncwadi also said that, ‘there are many artists who gave up in art and now they are general workers because they could not make a living out of art work.’ As well, he added that there are many other sectors and departments that can benefit from art. He made examples about transport saying that if for example there are many arts festivals, the transport and accommodation sector and many other businesses could well benefit. “We urge the municipality to invest in the art industry”, he said.

Each artist is expected to at least come with five of his/her supporters to the march that will start from Donkin, Central to the City Hall. More than 200 artists from around the Nelson Mandela bay are expected to join the march.

Mongezi Ncwadi said that they will not stop until their problems are solved.

Sphamandla Gwinta


Mduduzi Manana
Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training: Mduduzi Manana

The launching of the First Thing’s First campaign at NMMU’s North Campus, saw locals and students come alive at seeing the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mr Mduduzi Manana. Manana came to launch the national event and to encourage the youth to abstain from sexual intercourse as well as imploring that each one know their HIV status.

Numerous makeshift stalls were upright and available for students and those who attended to have themselves checked out. In addition, there were alcohol screenings, family planning, condom promotions and other such activity that promotes self-care.

The Campaign aims to contribute to the National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS which seeks to curb the spread of the pandemic. It also aims to eradicate the rise in the number of infections, especially in the age group of 15 to 24 years, as at that age people are most likely copulate without protection, resulting in a higher risks of being infected. Manana said that victims of HIV/AIDS are normally students in higher education institutions.

The government’s aim is to have more dialogues and conversations with students to make them more conscious the repercussions of HIV/AIDS and to clear up the misconception of the stigma surrounding it. The message of the day was clear as day:  everyone must become proactive, and if you’ve tested negative, stay negative.

Kholo Mazosiwe


Rape survivors come forward

Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane says more Johannesburg taxi rape survivors have come forward, bringing the total number of victims to nine.

This comes after reports that a female commuter was allegedly raped in front of her 10-year-old son after boarding a taxi on Ontdekkers Road on the West Rand. Nkosi-Malobane has since met with taxi associations and says the number of victims grows every day.

She says that ‘the ninth victim approached them yesterday night, however she won’t be part of the group that will be debriefed, because she has not yet received proper counselling. But the number has been growing’.

Images of the alleged rapists have been circulated on various social media platform for awareness, as it is becoming quite evident that this has carried on for quite some time. ActionAid South Africa has urged the government to take more decisive action in protecting women using public transport to navigate these cities.

Nondumiso Tshabalala

Freedom Day

imageFreedom! Free we are, indeed, as we retrace our steps in All Stars. Along the road of freedom, as we step on the path and our soles can still feel the souls that stomped the ground, knees up and one fist in the air screaming for freedom as the dogs were let lose to from their chains so that they could run after us. Free we are, indeed, as the songs of the struggle hush the Nelson of the nation to sleep in his grave as we look up at the flag that symbolises democracy as we try very hard not only to stumble upon equality but to grapple with it until it becomes our culture.

The spirit of “Ubuntu” stills echoes “Freedom is coming” as we remember our fathers and mothers who skipped the stage of being the youth and they became warriors so that we could enjoy our youth and walk even though they stomped the ground, communicate even though their voices were silenced, to educate ourselves even though their education had boundaries. How arrogant would we be to allow opportunities to slip through our fingers because of momentary “lekker jols”? The road to freedom was paved with blood and sacrifices. Free, indeed, we are.

So let the price of freedom give us an unbearable urgency that will push us to rise against all odds and empower ourselves from the opportunities that present themselves to us. Let us look up to our ancestors and to our parents with gratitude for fighting the good fight and for still being able to love whole heartedly regardless…


Written by: Celuzuze Gugukethu Mabaso