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Gqom vs Trap

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth- Madibaz Radio, in collaboration with First Friday held their first Gqom vs Trap (GvT) event for the year at Dockside Harbour. 

Dockside was the place to be on Friday when our first GvT came into action. This event was made possible by the Madibaz Radio marketing team alongside the First Friday crew, which is an events team that consists of four of Port Elizabeth’s best DJ’s.

GvT is an event that gives two of the most popular genres in South Africa (Gqom and Trap) an opportunity to go head-to-head to see which one is best. The crowd appreciated both genres and were extremely exited about the DJ lineup. On the decks representing Trap we had: Muzero, Mleister and Mavava. On the other hand, our DJ’s representing Gqom were: Kumnandi, Justin Muzika, Kbellz and DJ Athie.

When we spoke to 5FM resident DJ, DJ Athie to ask how his experience at GvT was, he said, “For someone who has stayed in PE for a lot of years, I think the crowd is responding quite well ’cause most people know me here”.  When we asked what his big break was he said it was the 5FM residency and most people would tune in to listen to his mixes and that is how his collaboration with OKMalumKoolkat on their hit single ‘Isamqhe’ came about. He then told us in depth that another popular DJ named DJ Sandiso would normally listen to his mixes and told him he wants him [Athie] to do a remix of that song, but when he sent him a different version of the same song they decided to actually use that one instead, with OKMalumKoolkat on the vocals.

Another one of the Gqom DJ’s was Kbellz, who is also a resident DJ for Madibaz Radio. We asked him what inspired him to become a DJ and he said: “There are two DJ’s who go by the name of Black Coffee and DJ Shimza, they’ve played a huge role in my life just by me watching them. I’d see how the crowd would go crazy for them and the joy that their set brought to people and that is exactly what I wanted”. He said if he was not a DJ, he would most probably be more focused on school since he is pursuing a career in Logistics. To listen to Kbellz’s mixes, tune in to The Diba Drive with Max the DJ every Friday at 17:30 on Madibaz Radio.

When we asked Mleister, who was one of our Trap DJ’s what the most exciting thing about being a DJ is he said, “When you see people are enjoying your set every time you play, that just makes you feed off their energy and [that] is an unbelievable feeling”. He also said DJ Fresh was his biggest influence and that made him want him to become a Hip-Hop DJ. Mleister is also a qualified Sound Technician and has worked for the Grahamstown National Arts festival and has also made a few radio ads.

Over all, GvT was a very successful and had people talking about it throughout social media. Luckily, this isn’t the only GvT for the year. The next one is coming later on in the year with a few surprises… YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

Vuka Sizwe Youth Choir Talent Show

By: Ntombifuthi Blose

Port Elizabeth- Vuka Sizwe Youth Choir held a talent concert at the North campus Auditorium at Nelson Mandela University yesterday Friday 18 May at 18:00 pm.

The talent show opened up with the choir doing a beautiful ensemble ‘Kwela, Kwela’ made famous by the award winning South African afro pop act Mafikizolo. The theme of the stage production was the 1950’s glam wardrobe. The musical was centered around the lives of black South Africans living in the townships during the time.

The entrance fee was R20 per person since Vuka Sizwe was raising funds to participate in a competition in Cape town.

Vuka Sizwe is an organisation ran by a youth choir which is passionate about music and performing arts. 

The stage production took our emotions from sadness to joy  with the awesome fashion of the 50’s heydays. With a captivating stage presence, the choir delivered well-presented acting skills in the production.

The closing was another highlight of the evening, as the choir sang a Xhosa traditional song, dressed in traditional Xhosa attire while doing ‘ukuxhensa’ which is a Xhosa dance, the crowd cheered and applauded showing that they were truly enjoying themselves.  

Overall it was refreshing to see Vuka Sizwe Choir talent show. The drive the youth choir has is bound to get noticed outside Port Elizabeth.

King Dube Birthday Celebration

By: Zenani Mhlongo

Port Elizabeth – Friday, 4 May marked Mc Arthur’s Pool the place everyone envied to be. 

Socialite King Dube brought his three-day birthday celebration to Port Elizabeth last week, where he had South Africa’s favourite celebrities entertain his humongous crowd.

The event was held at the Mc Arthur’s Pool area next to Cubana in Humewood. Madibaz Radio was given the opportunity to be part of this marvelous event and to also mingle and get to know the celebrities.

Among these superstars was the ever so beautiful Khanyi Mbau, who is a singer, actress and  TV presenter. She was the MC of the event and also the one person everyone was looking forward to seeing. The crowd went absolutely wild when she walked on stage and her energy portrayed what a lovely time she was having. When asked if she still gets nervous every time she stands in front of a crowd she answered: “The fact that I have to stand in front of a lot of people just kills me, but the fact that all these people came here to see me makes me cope; that’s the only thing that makes me feel [like] I need to do this. People left their own homes to come be with me tonight, so that’s the biggest motivation I have”. She also mentioned to us that she will be producing her first film called ‘The Red Room’ and will be coming out at Ster Kenikor soon, which is something we can all look forward to.

We also spoke to Dj Tira also known as ‘Malume Bearings’. He explained that the experience had been great and they were all well taken care of. He also said that Port Elizabeth is one of his favourite places to come to because the people are so friendly and the ‘vibe’ is always amazing. The advice he’d give to young people who would like to become like him is to:”find yourself, be who you are. We are all different characters so find yourself and present yourself to the world as you are, and people will love you’.

The event was  filled will lots of energy from the get-go. Many other amazing celebrities entertained the crowd to their full capacity. There were the likes of Ms Cosmo, Dj Cindo, Lvovo Derango, Danger and many others from the Afrotainment team (Dj Tira’s Record Label).

Words of gratitude and absolute joy filled the man of the moment when we asked how he felt. He thanked everybody for spending his birthday with him and explained that PE is the best place to be and has shown him love the past three events he had pulled off. He also mentioned that the reason he hosted his party here was because “PE people know how to party”. When we asked if he will bring his birthday tour this side again next year he said:”Trust me, it’s gonna come back again next year! Next time it will be bigger and better, we will have international artists and everything exciting coming, so be ready!”

The birthday tour then went on to Durban and Cape Town for the remainder of the weekend.

This celebration was definitely the talk of the town, with very funny and exciting stories from everybody who attended. For those who did not make it, but wish they did; have no fear because next year will be BIGGER AND BETTER!


Gospel Awards

Port Elizabeth- The Nelson Mandela Bay held its very first Gospel Music Awards on the 21st October, held at the Nangoza Jebe in New Brighton. The event was of a high level, from the red carpet, people looking amazing, to the performances from the choir and the artists as well. 

The main idea behind these awards was to give recognition to the local artists who worked tirelessly spreading the word of God. Talking with one of the nominees from the red carpet, Bukiwe Zigweyi who said that “I am very happy about the awards, because that simply means as artists we no longer have to go to other provinces, Gauteng to be specific in order to get recognition”. Bukiwe was one of the nominees for the Best New Comer.

One of the people who have attended the awards is a legend in the music industry,  Sizwe Zako. Zako has worked with different artists in the industry, producing music for artists such as Rebecca Malope and Vuyo Mokeana to name few. Zako explained how happy he is that finally Eastern Cape has its own Gospel Awards, saying the fact that people or musicians had to move to Jo-burg in order to get recognition had always bothered him, but now that there is awards he has hope that greater things are yet to come to the city.

The awards started at 5pm with the opening performance from the choir that made the whole house to feel the presence of the spirit. After the performance artists were awarded starting from Best Male artist which was taken by Sebenzile Hlafani. Then it move to Best Gospel Group, which was taken by St Johns Choir. Soon after Mzimeni Menti delivered his performance. The awarding continued with Best Female artist, taken by SD Marhawu, and then the Best Male award taken by Zukile Matshaya. Speaking with him after he took his award, Mr Matshaya, explained how happy he was to get the award and thanked his fans who had voted for him. Mr Matshaya said “I didn’t expect to get this award, but now that I have it, this will keep me going and I am very much grateful to God for the talent He gave me”.

The choir was on stage again, delivering its best performance. The award continued on the Best Supporting Church and the Empowerment Church took the award. Pastor Xhalabile took the award of Best Gospel Supporter. After that award it came to the most valued award of the night, which was given to Mr Sizwe Zako, the Honour Award. Best praise song was taken by Mzimeni Menti, Best Worship song by Sinethemba Mjuza. Before the event come to an end with one last award to be called, the founder of the Nelson Mandela Bay Gospel Awards, Mr Khumbulani Qekema was called on stage. Mr Qekema explained how tough the journey was into making sure that these awards become a success, saying with many challenges and having a tough time in finding sponsors, but he managed to pull through and he is very grateful to God for giving him the strength and a very hard working team.

When he was about to step down, he urged people to always fight to make their dreams become a reality as he, himself had a dream of making gospel awards in PE since he was a child, and he worked hard in making that dream a reality. He said people should work with what they have, and not depend or wait for help from someone else.

Mr Qekema stepped down and the last award was called, which was Best gospel song award and that was taken by Thembelani Mbilini and then he closed off with his song titled Noah. 


Nosipho Keuti


Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Show opens with a bang

Port Elizabeth – The Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Week opened its show yesterday on very high note. The show started at 19h00 with an opening entertainment from dancers, who delivered the best performance. 

The showcase started with the Thabo Makheta designs, then followed by the Culture Cut, also showcasing the best designed clothes. After the two showcases the audience took a little break, as more was yet still to come. When the break came to an end, the show continued with its 3rd showcase, which was Lisokazi M designs. Kira Jade followed suit with his designs, this was then followed by another interval, the show then revealed the last designs, which was F-TEE Creations and Austin’s Creations

For those, who love to look good all the time, the 6 designers mentioned above are the people to go to, as they deliver nothing, but impeccable designs. Their designs are inclusive of different body shapes, whether one is a plus size or not. The Nelson Mandela Bay Fashion Show will continue until the 14th of October.

Today, it will be the Rusultaan Fashion, where 5 designers will be showcasing their designs. Then, tomorrow (14 October 2017) the Fashion Show will conclude with Cleo Allison showcasing her designs, which will start from 15h00 until 19h00. This show will have lot of different heavy weights designers, such as Laduma Ngxokolo who is the designer behind Maxhosa.

Nosipho Keuti


Sello Maake KaNcube, proved once again yesterday to the audience as to why South Africans love him so much and being recognized as one of the best actors in the country. The former Generations and Scandal actor lived up to his standard by delivering his best performance at the Opera House, called “The House of Truth”.

The play that started at 19h00 covered the events that took place during the time of Apartheid to black people. The play revealed the pain of a black soul who wanted to pursue a career in teaching, but the Apartheid government kept on shutting doors face on.

Maake KaNcube portraying a role of Daniel Canodoce “Can” Themba who was the famous writer during the time of Apartheid. Can wanted to be a teacher, but he could not be one because the Apartheid government felt he was not good enough to become a teachernot because he did not qualify, but because of the colour of his skin.

The play draws similarities between the conditions of black people under the Apartheid era against the conditions of the contemporary South Africa, twenty odd years later into the new dispensation.

Speaking with Maake KaNcube after the show, he said the idea behind the play was to tell the story of Can Themba during the time of Apartheid. Maake KaNcube also concluded by saying that, “I don’t see the issue of race in South Africa coming to an end, in my time maybe in the coming years it will.” when he was asked on whether he believes that the issue of race in the country will ever end.

For those who missed the show yesterday, the play will continue until the 14th of October from 19h00 until 20h30.

Nosipho Keuti


Off Campus Res Season of Beauty Pageants: Mr and Miss Laboria 2017

IMAGE: Mr and Miss Laboria 2017 – Yakhani Xongwana [left] and Philasande Mnukwa [right]

The season for beauty pageants in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University off campus residences has yet again arrived for the year 2017.

Students almost all over the off-campus residence around Port Elizabeth have kicked started their much-anticipated beauty pageants. House Committees who are the student representatives for a resident are enslaving themselves to make sure that these events work out perfectly and are enjoyable, especially for first years as this proves as a big and important opportunity for them.

First years are both excited and anxious for the upcoming events as they embark the streets in towns. It is fascinating seeing them entering every shop at the malls looking for the best clothes to wear at the main events, as everyone wants to look their best, or as they say “dress to kill”.

Kicking off the beauty pageants this year and asca regular starter of these events in the past 2 years, was none other than the Terminus Rank based off campus resident, Laboria Residence.

The residence recently held their annual beauty pageant dubbed ‘Mr and Miss Laboria 2017’. In becoming the first off campus residence to host a beauty pageant, it means an advantage to the winners of Mr and Miss Laboria as they automatically become the VIPs in all the upcoming beauty pageants hosted by other off-campus residents – this, of course, proves to be a very exciting experience for the winners.

The event, themed, Saints vs Demons, was held this past weekend at  the  NMMU’S North Campus Auditorium. It started off at 18:00 pm until 23:00, with the after party kicking off right afterwards which took place at the newly opened club in Parliament Street called The Captains.

Being a part of the audience and the designated photographer of the event the whole night – it proved to be a night one would refer to as “epic”. The show was filled with a lot fun, exciting acts by the contestants, spectacular performances by the hip hop artists, ballet dancers, poets and not forgetting a vibrant host, who kept the crowd laughing at all times.

laboria 2
IMGAE: Designs by Neliseka Colidiza

One of the highlights of the nights came in right after the dance, when Neliseka Kwanele Colidiza, an upcoming fashion designer and founder of the fashion brand ‘Milani’ who also resides at Laboria, showcased her designs for the first time using the contestants.

The consistence looked phenomenal in their striped black and white outfits with a blend of green. With everyone stunned by the Milani founder’s talent, Neliseka Colidiza, the event went on with more talent and performances by a local hip hop and house group from South Campus Residence who call themselves Medallions, with their club anthem ‘Skirt’ with the crowd singing along with them, this followed by Laboria’s very own rap artist Costa, who also did not disappoint with his entertaining performance.

The question and answer phase of the competition took place and the judges announced their top 3, with Xabiso Blayi coming in as Second Prince, Nigel Ndlovu as First Prince, while at the females side the Second Princess was Sesona Bay and Zizo Sikiti as First Princess. The new Mr and Miss Laboria 2017 was crowned by the judges which was second year student, Yakhani Xongwana (Mr Laboria 17) and first year student, Philasande Mnukwa (Miss Laboria 17).

Luzipho Yanela