Recess Fever: Recess or Weekend



On the closing week of the first term, recess fever is all one feels around campus and once one pays attention to it, it can either become more exiting or more thought provoking. The situation is the same at the various NMMU campuses. However, there remains complaints of not only how short the break is, but how lecturers make it impossible for students to enjoy it. Students on campus constantly complain about the assignments that flood in on the last week of the term, to be submitted on the re-opening week. Due to these assignments, students have mixed feelings about the first recess of the year.

In response to whether they are feeling the recess fever or not, students such as Sibongokuhle Klaas who studies Economics (extended programme) in Missionvale campus, responded by stating that they are not at all excited because they still have to worry assignment submissions. “Holidays are meant for relaxation with family, what is the point of it if you’ll still be under pressure?” she asked.  It was clearly not an exciting time for her as she did not even fake a smile in between her words.

On a more humorous note, Marketing student, Afikile October who goes to Second Avenue campus was thrilled that she was finally going home to see her family. As this is her second year at NMMU, she characterised familiarity with the way things go around recess time saying, “You know, this break is a blessing because this is my chance to really get ready for reality, go home to fetch my blessings from my gran and all.” To the question of how she plans on enjoying her break with the assignments that other students are complaining she giggled and said “I always make a plan on the last weekend.”

Various other students had different opinions ranging from how they understand that it takes hard work to succeed to how they just want to “turn up” as hard as they can before they come back to face the sad reality of the second term. The university, along with other institutions closes on 27 March for a short recess to re-open on 07 April for the second block of lectures for the first semester.

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