Mr and Miss Freshette 2015 Saga


Almost all of South Africa should already know, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University hosted its annual Mr & Miss Freshette event on the evening of 11 April 2015. Contrary to its usual procedure, the event took a huge turn when one of the performances of the night turned into what some witnesses refer to as a “potential strip show” on stage.  The crowd roared at the sight of Xatyiswa Mofokeng’s privates that were exposed on stage as her bodysuit snapped in the middle of her performance, making its way to settle on her waist leaving her lower body covered in see-through stockings.

Within a few hours of the incident the “NMMU girl” trended on Twitter and a video of “NMMU Mr and Ms FRESHETTE 2015 (Beyonce Dance for you performance) was uploaded on YouTube with over 2000 views in less than five hours. Debates based on questions of morals versus professionalism circulated in social media with some arguing that she should have left the stage immediately after her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction to protect her dignity while some applauded her professionalism for finishing her performances regardless of her private body parts being publicized.

As with any similar incidents that have occurred in the past, Tweeps (as twitter users refer to themselves) turned twitter upside down searching for the girl’s Twitter handle, failing which they proceeded to Facebook  to find her as she apparently has no Twitter account. Unsurprisingly, her popular lap dance was already the topic of discussion on her Facebook account where her comments displayed no regret of the incident.

When contacted to comment and answer the question on everyone’s fingertips and lips- “why did she not leave the stage when she realized that her bodysuit had snapped?”-  she returned no response and disappeared from the face of social media. Meanwhile, the SRC released a statement online apologising for the incident. “It must be noted that the act was approved by the event organisers, having presumed that the dress-rehearsal outfit presented (leggings) presented was the final outfit”, the statement said.

With the popular lap dance occupying people’s minds across the country, less attention was paid to the actual winners of the competition, Qhamani Tom (Mr Freshette 2015) and Dibuseng Mokonenyane (Miss Freshette 2015).


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