Julius Malema speaks at NMMU

JUJU“Ndamnik’ isandla ndathi bamba la

Ndamnik’ amabele ndathi bamba la

Ndamnik’ umlomo qabuza

uZuma uyay’thand’ iwewe”

You know there is a “Juju” element involved when you hear songs with lyrics such as the ones written above. Without fear of having to withdraw their statements, sang a literally full house EFF supporters while cheerfully awaiting their beloved EFF Commander in Chief, Julius Sello Malema to enter the doors of the NMMU Godfields Auditorium.

During his visit to NMMU, Julius Malema delivered a powerful lecture on how there can never be true reconciliation without the return of stolen property and mental liberation for black people, making  it clear that the reason for his lecture was not to campaign for anyone’s votes. “I didn’t come here to campaign. Why must I campaign? I’m in parliament already. If Holomisa can stay that long, there is nothing stopping me,” he said.  He emphasised that black people need to liberate their minds from capitalist oppression, stand up against white supremacy, and reclaim their land, saying “it is capitalism that continues to enslave the minds of the working class” and students in educational institutions are being prepared to sell labour to capitalists because they own everything. He made a relevant example of how teachers and lecturers never prepare students to conduct interviews themselves, but rather how to conduct themselves during an interview. “[The] education system is designed in a manner that it teaches you to self-hate and to subject yourself to white supremacy.”

Malema clarified that the EFF do not promote black superiority either but promote equality. However, that equality will never be achieved until blacks get back their land and resources. “There is going to be an unled revolution in South Africa,” he warned. “South Africans are turning on other Africans because they don’t know the real enemy. There is a big elephant in the room called White Monopoly.”

On the note of mind liberation he said: “there is no mind to liberate in Jacob Zuma. The man is brainless,” accusing the government of going around signing trade agreements “selling our country to those who want to exploit us.”

Also present among others were EFF Whip chief, Floyd Shivambu and EFF national spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.


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