Controversial film director visits NMMU

Jahmil XT Qubeka, the director of controversial film, Of Good Report (2013) graced NMMU north campus with his presence to give a lecture on visual communication and what has gotten him to where he is. Held at the Goldfields Auditorium Conference Centre between 12:00 and 14:00pm, the lecture provided students in the Faculty of Arts as well as any other interested students with the opportunity to interact and receive first-hand information and inspiration from professionals who know the ins and outs of the film industry.

Mr Qubeka is, of course, known for directing other films which include Shogun Khumalo is Dying which was published in 2006 and A Small Town Called Descent, published in 2010. However, Of Good Report stands out for its controversial content which led to it being banned from screening at the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) in 2013 as it contained child pornography, according to the South African Film and Publications Board. With reference to such complications as those he encountered and still continues to encounter on his journey, he assured the audience that they each possess the ability to achieve anything they set their minds to, stressing quite a few times that one needs to have a clear vision of what one wants to achieve.

The audience was astonished when Qubeka shared that he never went to film school to learn what he knows, it was all self-taught because the closest he had gotten to studying film was a Fine-Art class in which he lasted six months. He does, however, encourage all aspiring filmmakers to study film so that by the time they get into the industry, which by the way requires a lot of patience, humility and dedication, they have a background of the field they are in. His advice and motivation was not only restricted to aspiring filmmakers but anyone with a dream they want to come true.

Beside him stood filmmaker, photographer and partner of iKasi Media, Daron Chatz with whom he has worked on several commercials and films over the years.

Honoured to have been graced with the presence of such of such inspiring role models, one of the students who attended the lecture said she was very pleased with the humility she saw in them. “Somehow they managed to awaken a fading love for film in me. Not so long ago I was so sure about going into print journalism, but this lecture has drawn me back home,” she said.


Written by Zamandulo Malonde

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