The NMMU View by Zamandulo Malonde


Name: Zamandulo

Preferred name: Zama

Surname: Malonde

Clan name: Mamqwathi:  uNzila ka Nzothwana, uDikela ka Noni, uMsuthukazi (I love this part)

Born: 07 September 1996

Home town: Mthatha

Studying:  2nd year: NDip (Journalism), South Campus.

I am: Quiet, shy, secretly emotional, hard to read, private.

I love: Food!!! Family, being black, novels, series, my bed.

Interested in: Poetry, film production, writing and law.

I stand for: Loyalty, LOVE, originality, humanity, honesty.

I am where I am because of: My grandparents’ blessings, my mother’s sacrifices and my sister’s prayers.

My grandfather is my favourite man in the world.

“The ultimate plan is to be satisfied with the love I can offer myself because, honestly, nobody in the world could ever love me the way I want to be loved.”-Myself.

Work by Zamandulo Malonde:

The Chosen One: Many are called but few are chosen

Controversial film director visits NMMU

Julius Malema speaks at NMMU

Mr and Miss Freshette 2015 Saga

Mzilikazi wa Afrika Book Launch

OR Tambo Memorial Lecture

Recess Fever: Recess or Weekend

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