Stop Xenophobia


It pains me to see that after so many years of suffering, violence, inequality, deaths and laws, South Africans have taken ten steps back. Back to the violence, back to the suffering and deaths, basically all-in-one, back to Xenophobia. I would’ve thought that the world we live in today has more educated and humble South Africans then it doesn’t. I would’ve liked to think that more than anything, we love and respect each other more than we can express any form of hate on another human beings. But clearly, I thought wrong. Before you comment on how this topic has been overly spoken about I ask you to stop think because it sadly enough, hasn’t. Actually, from what it seems, it hasn’t been spoken about enough. It hasn’t been drilled into the mind of those who have been victimizing what they refer to as “Amakwerekwere”. It hasn’t been protested against to the point where it is illegal to harm anyone who “isn’t” South African.

Wait, before I get carried away, where does this term “Not South African” originate from? Are we not all Africans before we are South Africans? Was it not these countries that South Africans lately despise so much, helped our freedom fighters such as Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu and many more, into exile? Is it such a sin for someone who comes from Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe to want a better life in South Africa? Does this not sort of mean that if people from different parts of Africa want a better life in South Africa, we are doing something right? Why then beat them up brutally and even burn them into ashes?

I have no other words to describe the feeling towards this sudden hatred of our fellow Africans than disappointment. “Stealing your men or women “or “stealing your jobs or job opportunities” is no reason for there to be hate so strong amongst human beings. There is not much of a difference between us. So to all those who have been part taking in any form of Xenophobic attacks, stop. I am no longer asking or pleading in a respectable manner. I, like any other person who’s just as disturbed and distraught, am demanding for there to be a stop. Stop the hate, stop the killing but most importantly, stop Xenophobia.


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