Community Dialogue – Mandla Langa Book Launch


CANDRAD hosted a number of events in the past week in honor of standing of standing in solidarity and being against, the marginalization and the dehumanizing of the Palestine people since, South Africa had a similar experience twenty years ago. It is only just, to stand together and to eliminate anything from this nature from occurring again. The Centre for the Advancement of the Non-Racialism And Democracy, Mandla Langa “In Conversation with Vusi Pikoli.” As certain chapters were discussed in Vusi Pikoli’s book a number of questions were raised. It is an exceptional book to read and the event was also an eye-opener and it created a platform, to how certain matters are now viewed. How we have, as a democratic country, after two decades of being free from oppression have stood together.

Some of the questions which were raised were questions which as a citizen of this country would ask yourself as to, are you really living in a democratic country? Or you seem to think that, you are? It had been said at this event that, “Men fear so much that women are indeed stronger.” Society needs to take a stand when it comes to such. “Issues such as crime, poverty, culture and a lack of an identity as the youth of this country are the issues which we have to deal with. It is our struggle and because it is not as brutal as the Apartheid regime, there are still issues which need to be resolved. How could I forget to mention unemployment and the youth now having to fight to be educated, there are a lack of resources and funds for them to be able, to turn their dreams into reality. How are we then different from the class of 1976? We are still struggling even now that we have emerged from the apartheid regime up until now. We are labeled as ‘born-frees’ as the youth of this country but, what exactly are we free from? The term “DEMOCRACY” needs to be re-evaluated and to be deeply looked into.

Books such as Vusi Pikoli’s “In Conversation with Vusi Pikoli.” should not just be read, to pass by time. They are big blessings to life which carry life lessons such as, the power of forgiveness. Depreciation of selflessness, people are now no longer willing to give themselves fully, without looking for personal gain. There is no correlation between how corruption was during the struggle and how it is very much problematic now.

The closing words of Vusi Pikoli, were, “We have survived the worst during apartheid and we can’t now in a democracy be despondent.” We should not always seek for faults otherwise we will never be satisfied. We need to acknowledge the progress which has taken place and from that, think of taking a couple of steps forward. We indeed have a long way to go it was said that, it was a long walk to freedom and, the walk to democracy will not be any different, no matter how much we would desire for it to be. Once we begin to sprint there is the moment we will get certain issues which are a fundamental aspect of democracy to be over looked. There is no stipulated time frame as to when we will get to this country we so sorely desire to live in, there will however, be questions which will always be raised. Problems will always arise and the real question or issue is how these problems will be dealt with?


Written by Sihle Sigwela

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