Madibaz Radio is an online urban contemporary on campus music radio station that is focused on providing edutainment to the youth of Nelson Mandela Bay. The station carries a variety of programming including news, sports, and spoken word programming as well as general music.

The radio station has a primary audience made up of 27000 registered students and 2000 staff members who have immediate access via the institutions infrastructure. The listenership is spread between George and Port Elizabeth. Our primary target market of 14 -26 year olds also includes pupils from high school, students from other tertiary institutions and young professionals, as well as other individuals who prefer our young, vibrant sound as opposed to conservative mainstream radio stations. Madibaz Radio actively engages with an audience best described as aspirational youth – youth with a strong desire to succeed in their careers, finances and personal lives but with enough of a social conscience to reinvest in their communities.

Madibaz Radio programming reflects the culture and diversity of campus life. The station supports emerging artists and relations are harnessed with stakeholders from theatres and cultural centres, to recording companies and bands. Specialist shows will be utilised for introducing new music to the local audience and showcase the best in youth culture, future musicians, deejays and the biggest entertainment spots in the NMBM area. Madibaz Radio broadcasts in three official languages (English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa); the station strives to cater to the needs of its audience with fun, interesting and engaging programming on a variety of topics. We extend our on air advertisements on our social media pages.

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