Financial aid shut down at NMU

By Sidima Mfeku

Nelson Mandela University has on Wednesday been shutdown by students and SASCO leaders. SASCO’s Glaude Quvane Branch led a protest action against the university’s closing down of registration while some students have not registered.

The university’s STUDENTS’ ACCOUNTS department has been closed by students demanding that all unregistered students be registered immediately and that the university management responsible for Financial aid to address the protesting students directly and not through SASCO or the SRC.

Branch chairperson and NMUs south campus Premier Vuyokazi Gwam said the university should make a way for students to register as the university is approaching recess

“We are here because its march now, and we are approaching recess, students are not registered, Gwam said.

Gwam added that “The reasons to this are not clear, we have engaged with the university management and have been meeting with these people but there is nothing concrete coming out of that”.

The students have taken the protest action to all entrances into the university, barricading the entrances with tree branches and road barricades.

SASCOs Claude Quvane Branch chairperson said they do not want anyone else, except for the director of Student accounts Mr Ken Scholtz.

“We have been given Mr Ncapayi to speak to us and we are not here for him, we want Ken” Gwam said, Scholtz “has been going on sick leaves, as if we are not sick. “We are being made sick by this university” she added.

At the protest, DVC for Institutional Support Mr Lebogang Hashatse said He was not in a position to offer any reply at yet. He said the university is finding a way to respond to the students grievances.  

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