University launches students laptop initiative

By Sidima Mfeku

Nelson Mandela University together with its SRC has carried out the long awaited laptop distribution project to the university’s first year students. The project was launched on Tuesday at the  at university’s North Campus. First year NSFAS students are provided with dell laptops to the value of R4800 payable over a period of 2 years in instalments of R2400 a year deducted directly from their intelli card.

This project comes after the SASCO led SRC in 2018 had advocated for a “one-student-one-laptop” initiative to be administered by the university.

Bamanye Matiwane, SRC president at NMU speaking to the students said “we have realised together with the student movement that part and parcel of what the student must receive in order for you to pass, each and every person here at this university must have a laptop”.

SRC president Bamanye Matiwane motivates student to use laptops wisely

Matiwane urged students to take good care of the devices, to use them for the betterment of their tech skills and to develop their academics.

He said “we are giving you these laptops to do your academic work, we are going to judge you and critically analyse you on how you are doing academically while you have laptops”.

“if you do not pass while you have all the necessary resources you must face the university policy” He said.

Meanwhile, The University’s Chief Information Officer Dr Sam Bosire has assured students of the infrastructural development at the institution for advanced and easy use of these laptops at any areas of Mandela University.

Bosire said his faculty has been working on the improvement of technology for the advancement of technical teaching and learning.

He said the university has started creating E-spaces. The kinds of places students will be utilising their laptops in. “we are modernising our classrooms, there is an ambitious project that makes sure that our classrooms are E-ready”

Bosire further elaborated on how fast and easily adaptive the youth of today is, stating that the use of these laptops are an epitome of a new dawn into success.

Amongst some of the guests was the devices’ service provider, Dell regional sales representative Musa Mhlaba. Mhlaba congratulated the university and students for being a step ahead in attacking the much anticipated fourth industrial revolution.

Dell regional representative Musa Mhlaba speaks on the importance of tech skills

Speaking directly to the students Mhlaba said “You are fortunate in that you are being equipped to be part of that digital transformation and digital journey as the students”.

This project will further be rolled out to the 2018 foundation cohort of students who are in 2019 enrolling for their first year in their diploma or degrees. Students have until Thursday to register to benefit from the initiative, and are encouraged to go to any ICT office around the university campuses to register.

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