Nkcubeko Qhayiyalethu Silinga – who most of us know as Que, studied Public Relations & Corporate Communications. She stared working at Madibaz Radio right at its inception in 2014. Que had high aspirations for her career so naturally she applied for the most highest ranking position there was available. Having gone through the interview process she unfortunately did not get the post, but Mr. Makapela offered her any other slot that she desired, and she chose to be a Radio Personality.

This brought to existence what we know as The Hitlist, a concept by ‘your favourite letter’. Que presented the show from 2014 to 2015 with a couple of co-host Mmeli Notsh, Crème De la Pam and many more. She went on to take a lifestyle show to gain as much radio experience as possible and learn how to be diverse. Given that she has a P.R. background she was part of the  teams spearheading projects such as SaniTeens and Dream girls. At the 2015 Student Media awards (then Madibaz Radio awards ceremony) Ncubeko was nominated for an All rounder award alongside Sanelisiwe Owethu Ntabeni, also known as Dabs and subsequently won. Leaving a standing record of being the only person to be a recipient of the award to date. In 2016 she hosted DT46, the drive time show with Hlubi Zibi and Roger. Eventually Nkcubeko left the station at the end of 2016 where she was placed at Keith Ngesi radio based in East London.

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“I honestly learnt a lot at Madibaz radio, and it truly set the pace for everything else that I actively do and my ambitions thereafter. Working for a successful online campus radio station put me in a great position to understand the online space and where radio is ultimately going in future and equally equipped me for traditional frequency radio”, she said.

She is now based in Johannesburg, still pursuing radio but as a freelancing voice over artist. She says that she would honestly advise that anyone who wants to pursue a career in radio start at campus level and not be afraid to fail. The platform is there, so one must take advantage. “Reading is the only way you are going to have impelling content. Also be kind, you never know who is watching or listening to your show. It could be a person who is going to give you your big break”, she concluded.

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