Catching up with Ongi

By Simamkele Mazondwa

Meet Ongezwa Mafunda, former news reader and voice over artist at Madibaz Radio. Ongi speaks about how she was introduced to Madibaz Radio and how life has been after gaining radio broadcast experience.

Who is Ongezwa Mafunda?

Ongezwa Mafunda is a young female who comes all the way from the dusty streets of Matatiele in the Eastern Cape. “Immediately after finishing high school I relocated to study Media & Communication at Nelson Mandela University. I never thought I’d work in the broadcast and entertainment industry because due to my personality, I am mostly an introvert, lacked the ‘cool’ factor and had no background of subjects in high school or anything of that nature which may have been related to the industry”.

Why did you choose to work at Madibaz Radio if you were shy?

“I saw a post through social networks about which mentioned that Madibaz Radio was holding auditions to start off this new online campus radio station. I thought twice about doing it but the fact that I was doing Media and Communications made me realise at some point I might need a place to grow my confidence and realised Madibaz Radio might give me that platform, and the rest is history”.

Ongezwa Mafunda, a Madibaz Radio alumni

What were your responsibilities?

“It’s actually funny because I auditioned to become a Radio presenter but it didn’t work out. Eventually I ended up in the news department as a news reader.  My job was to translate English news to Afrikaans I was also able to read them in both languages. As time went by I saw my confidence growing and I kept getting better. That led to me doing voice overs including co-presenting an afternoon show at the time called In between the Lines”.


 What did you learn from working at Madibaz Radio?

“Working at the station taught me push myself and work hard to refine my skill. Being a voice over artist and News Reader allowed me to think beyond where I am and work hard to push myself forward. I learnt to speak well which is now very helpful when it comes to dealing with clients”.

What are you currently doing?

“I am now a freelance voiceover artist and I work in a digital marketing industry as a Google Specialist and Campaign manager”.

What do you hope to gain in future with the experienced you received at Madibaz Radio?

“I’d love to grow as Google Specialist and grow as voiceover artist. Hopefully one day I will do voice over for global brands”.




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