By: Nosipho Kewuti

Port Elizabeth – The Womb Stewardship organization held its launch on Friday the 12 of October at the Feather Market hall in Port Elizabeth.

The launch was filled with so much love, praises and a lot of performances from one of Port Elizabeth’s biggest bands, ‘Grace SA’ (which was also releasing their debut album titled Breakthrough) and the ‘We Will Worship’ group. The launch’s main focus was preaching about purity and self-love not only to women, but to men as well.

One of the speakers, Mrs. Margo Scholtz, who was speaking on the issue of encouraging purity until marriage, stated that the media has played a huge role on how the youth views the world today. Talking about how half-naked women have become a norm in South African media, especially magazines and music videos that are full of half-naked women. She also mentioned that with ‘Womb Stewardship’ they are hoping that they will be able to make women realize that their bodies are worth much more. “Women need to let their boyfriends know that they do not get husband privileges”, she said in closing. 

The Womb Stewardship started as an idea by Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula a few years back, after she saw how women were slowly losing their identity and dignity. While trying to restore that, she decided to launch the organization with the slogan ‘we live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity’. When asked what she was hoping to achieve with the organization, Dr Ngcakani-Ncula replied, “We want people to be aware that their bodies could not be just used anyhow, there is more to our bodies than just this piece of flesh between the thighs”.

Dr Ngcakani-Ncula further explained that even though their profile stated that they wanted people to stay pure, even those who had gone astray, were more than welcome to be part of the organization. These are the people we want to work with more because they have a testimony”, she said in closing. 

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